It’s My Jungle Time, Again!!!!!!!

It’s My Jungle Time, Again!!!!!!!

I’ve started exploring the jungle.  It’s been a really interesting time.  Who would have thought I’d be interested, being that I’m a beach person.  But, I ventured out and found that it’s quite interesting and charming.

I haven’t forsaken the beaches as you can see.  But, the jungle is also accessible from the beach!  From where I live the beach is accessible from the jungle from a nice walk.  But thank goodness for some of the well worn paths!!!img_2621

There’s really no telling what I’ll come across……this is the remnant of a portion of a resort that is believed to have been taken out by a hurricane some time this century, possibly early this decade.


Or maybe just find a swing in a tree at waters edge…….  There’s surprises galore!  You really don’t know what to expect, when or where.  Just a few days ago there crossed in front of me about 30 feet away a fox!  I didn’t have my camera ready…..they are pretty quick critters! My soon to be new home, Puerto Aventuras is known at this time of year sightings of spider monkeys.


Here’s an look at the Caribbean from the edge of the jungle where the cool clear waters from a nearby cenote mingles with the salt water.  dsc_1239

You can see from these photos how the jungle hugs the coastline of the Caribbean, a common site.dsc_1216 dsc_1264

I love the foliage…..I’m planning one a project to photo the varies types and put them together in an ebook….here you’ll see a large Agave plant ‘Tequila’!img_2654 You’ll see so many of these that are nestled in the jungle.  They’re not harvested for the tequila, those are on plantations.  They get these huge thick leaves.  This one is rather puny. By the way, those leaves ‘hurt’!

img_2646 dsc_1257img_2573

Til the next time!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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