How Do I Do This………..

How Do I Do This………..

I don’t know….. I figure the only way to find out is to do.

That’s about anything…..especially at this stage of my life.  And what stage of my life am I at?  I’m at the stage of my life where I’d rather being doing rather than talking about doing.  Things aren’t so difficult that they have to be examined, reexamined and put aside til I achieve a better understanding.  The better understanding to be achieved is in the doing!

I find it remarkable right now that I can’t do some of the options that I had put before me as I was planning this adventure to Mexico and since being here.  But, I figure there’ purpose there.  In case you don’t follow me on Facebook I discovered my Temporary Import Permit (TIP) on my vehicle expired during my immigration work.  That means that my car can be seized by the Mexican govt……except for the state of Quintana Roo, which I live in.  I just can’t go to another state here in Mexico until I Nationalize my vehicle.  So that temporarily limits my exploring to Quintana Roo which isn’t a bad place to be limited to.  It’s the Caribbean coast of Mexico!!

How do I do this……….

The laws here in Mexico are very fluid, that is they are ever changing.  In less than 3 hours I received numerous pieces of advice they in some cases opposed another.

This presents an opportunity to find out ‘How do I do this………

Already I know the information is not user friendly.  It’s in Spanish.  Google translate can and does mistranslate.

Let the adventure begin!

My foray into the above mentioned problem isn’t the crux of this blog…..  Nor am I looking for advice here. And I don’t require a sympathetic ear. I’m saying the answer to any ‘how do I do this…… is simply in the doing.

I can’t possibly figure this or any other problem out by focusing on the problem.  I must seek and focus on the solution.  That’s with anything.

I can do this.  And it really doesn’t matter what the ‘this’ is, I can do it.  Just by doing it.

Too simple.  I know, that’s me and Einstein for you.  “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein.  It really makes the doing easier.  Besides somethings can’t be learned until you start doing.

Embrace the moment and do.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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