The More You Do, The Easier It Gets

The More You Do, The Easier It Gets

It really doesn’t matter the ‘whatever’ it is that we do…….the more we do, the easier it gets!

I was just conversing and those words came out my mouth.  Just moments before I had no clue as to what I was gonna write.  When those words tumbled out of my mouth, I said ‘yeah’!

I say that enthusiastically too!

If you can’t seem to find your mojo and you’re not getting it done (whatever that ‘it’ is) I’d say you’re in a stagnant environment.  Put yourself in a position that will stimulate your thought.  It could be conversation, a long drive, a walk, or reading.  It’s sort of like buy a conversational piece for your living room but in this case it’s for you.

I find most of my stimulation coming from reading.  Conversation, long drives, walks and even early morning quiet time come in second place.

I know as for someone who enjoys writing, all the above are applicable.  In a 9-5 work environment I think they can be valuable too.  If your work environment is ‘toxic’ you need all the energy and encouragement you can acquire.  Make it your priority.  Should you like the job in a ‘toxic’ environment my advice to you would be prepared for your days work, let the distractions find their way past you.  If you don’t like your job put all your energies and creativity to work finding what you want.

But don’t let go of this energies, encouragements, and creativities.  The more you use them in your life, the better you get at using them, and the better results you get.

The more you do, the easier it gets…

Years and years ago I started a habit to find things to write about.  Mostly songs.  So, in any days situation now, that habit is switched ‘on’.  It stays ‘on’.  I just use it for more than writing a song……there’s blogs, and good ideas.  And I’m glad that I did this……it also makes so of life’s missteps easier to handle and yeah, provides writing material.

At first it isn’t easy…’s work.  I had to train myself to look at situations differently, to hear things differently, to think things differently, and to say things differently.  As a word of caution, you will be putting yourself in a few awkward positions because others won’t see the world so vividly.  And that’s fun too.

One not too obvious fault of this motto is ‘if what you’re doing is wrong, you’ll get better at doing it wrong’.   But then there’s where most people are at already.  Find something good for you, stretch yourself, go out on a limb….you can do this.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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