Sometime The Little Things Means A Lot

Sometime The Little Things Means A Lot

Is there ever a time when you’re told to do something that you simply find too trivial for your time?  Putting the garbage out.  Washing the dishes.  Something no-one wants to do at work and your boss picks you.

We all have those things……..but what if those little things are part of a larger picture, a domino effect or butterfly effect would probably be more appropriate.  Like the handing off of a baton in a relay race.  So one else gets the call.

None of us want to be involved in the mundane!  We want the important shit!!  Where we make the difference.

Maybe just paying attention to our surroundings might enhance that experience.

Sometime the little things means a lot.

A police officer on his patrol doing his daily routine…..minding his own business.  The dispatcher calls, “Officer I need you to go to location and check on a possible gas leak.”  I imagine the officer thinks why not get the gas company to come out!  What’s the matter with them doing their job?

None the less, the officer makes his way towards the designated location.  Waves at smiling faces on the way, gives a young man a hard look to make sure the lad knows to stay out of trouble.  Watches the driver next to him get fidgety at the traffic light.  All in a days work.

Things are about to change.

Approaching the location the officer is surprised by a chaotic scene.

The officer encounters a armed attacker yielding a butcher knife already having run over students with his car. The officer ordered the man to to drop the butcher knife and when the attacker refused, the officer shot him.  Dead.  No one else was harmed.

The location…..Ohio State University and the officer and hero, Alan Horujko.

No task is too small, too trivial or meaningless.

I’m not sure if there was a gas leak, but if so, it to was tended to.

Look to be the right person at the right time even if it’s just for you.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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