The Power of Our Thoughts

The Power of Our Thoughts

I’m not referring to some magic spell, or bending a spoon with your mind.  I referring to the impact our thoughts have in our situations and on our lives.

Here’s what I’m referring to and it’s impact.

“If I think I can, I can. If I think I can’t, I can’t.”

The power of that thought points in a direction.  A direction of success or a direction of failure, a direction of woe is me or I’m much better for doing, a direction of ‘I wish I could do that’ or ‘man did you see what I did’!

We all do this.  Think for a moment when someone presented an option to you and you responded that ‘you can’t because of such and such’.  What’s happened here is you put a restriction on the solution to a situation that in most instances unnecessary.  I want to say, “what’s happened here is you put a restriction on the solution that is unnecessary”.   I just left out ‘most’.  So, why didn’t I, why didn’t I say it the second way?

I’ve had friends and relatives that would bring up a problem that they are perplexed with and when I’ve given them an obvious solution they in turn will give an excuse as to why the answer won’t work in their particular situation.  Now don’t get me wrong.  They aren’t giving me a valid reason, they seem to be embracing this problem.  They get to share it with people that will offer the likely solution and will respond the same as they did with me. A solution isn’t what they seek, but that’s the subject for another time.

The power of our thoughts.

If I think I can, I have put myself in a position that this is possible. Whatever it may be, it’s possible. I’ve taken no reasonable solution off the table. Everything is in play and I have them as resources!!  Marvelous!  The odds are in my favor.

But, ‘what if?’.  What if I venture in to the unknown and respond to the idea of a solution that is uncomfortable, illogical (only from my present perspective), non-conforming to my preconcieved notions, ‘what if’.  I did the ‘what if’ and found that my reasoning for not wanting to attempt it was bad.  Bad thinking on my part.  I tried this out over and over and found that the way I had previously thought really held me captive to a world that from outside of it wasn’t very appealing.

Perhaps this is vague.  I’m not giving you enough meat to encourage or draw you.  It really wouldn’t matter.  What really matters is you, your thinking and more importantly your doing.

Get this.  I was living in Louisiana (born there) and began considering moving to Florida. On some website I had stumbled  across some acquaintances on line that had done such a daring thing.  I began to share with my friends at the time that I was considering making the move.  The ‘BIGGEST’ reason they gave me not to go was that in Florida they speak Spanish and I didn’t speak Spanish.  Huh?????

I moved to Florida anyway and lived there for just short of two decades…..I now live on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  Just because I didn’t listen to them.  If I had listened to them I’d still be there, the same unhappy person living the same small unhappy life.

I think I can!  I’m brave enough to venture where I haven’t been before.  That alone is exciting and appealing.  Will it kill me, highly unlikely and if it should I died doing and being adventurous and that’s some great energy to take to the other side.

Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from discovery, adventure, fun, accomplishments and a fulfilling life. Don’t let it lead you.

I wrote, published, recorded and sold music in the form of my first self-titled CD featuring 11 songs.  On all 11 songs I played every instrument, wrote every word, sang every note…….I did the artwork and production. I did it because I could, I did it because I willed it.

And I might add much to the surprise of many people including myself!!

The power of our thoughts……awesome power of our thoughts.

“If I think I can, I can. If I think I can’t, I can’t.”

Now, I’ve another CD to be working on, blog postings, and ebooks. Time to get at it…..

Peace, Love, and Beaches,John

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