My Next Home, Puerto Aventuras

My Next Home, Puerto Aventuras

I really don’t know much yet about Puerto Aventuras, I’m talking of it’s history.  I do know of it as a quaint pueblo……boistering with friendly people.

There’s a path (road) that circles the community.  It seems rather upscale (I hope I don’t do it any reputation harm). The whole place, at least the portion that is beachside (where I live) is jungle!!!  Jungle right to the beach!  The beachside part of the pueblo is crowned by the Omni Hotel.  It is a jewel and one of the 2 access points to a luxurious beach.  We’re talking upscale here……(I hope my presence doesn’t diminish it’s status!)

I’ve got to work on my bod to fit in!  There’s plenty of room for improvement.  My friend Jim when he saw my picture thought my head was looking backwards!!!  My belly looked like a big ass!  But back to Puerto Aventuras.

This is my next home, Puerto Aventuras.  img_2492

img_2497  This better portrays Puerto Aventuras…….

There’s like this ‘town square’ only that is seems to be a bit more wandering than a square and definitely not a circle.

I found a lovely French Cafe’ there…….yes the owner is French.  I had coffee there yesterday morning and it was just THE BEST!!!  It’ll be a regular for me.  Many local cuisine cafe’s so there’s no shortage of Mexican fare.

There’s also a Dolphin Experience there. While I’m not a fan of captive animals, I’m not gonna be an agent of change. It is rather relaxing to sit on a bench overseeing the lagoon that the dolphins command.  So friendly.  It will be one of my favorite lingering places…..with or without a beverage. img_2488

Of course there is more exploring to do…..but this gives you a little preview of what’s to come.

Oh!!!  Spider Monkeys!!!  Yep, right outside my patio.  I’m already planning of setting up the camera and silently and patiently waiting on a few to show up.

And there’s this lovely rodent there!!  It’s actually a popular animal in Mexico, territorial and harmless.  Tends to live on the edge of towns and pueblos. The reason being is that the critter is the lowest rung of the food chain!!  So, living close to the towns and pueblos is it’s safest environment. I’ll come about it’s name later and will charge forth with it but for now think of a tailless rat the size of a large cat.

This is gonna be interesting.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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