I’m Home But Not Without Inconvenience…….

I’m Home But Not Without Inconvenience…….

And what does that mean???  It’s simple but the explanation isn’t.

I know you’re say, “Dude, get to the point!. Okay, cool your jets.

Yesterday was very eventful, moving, shopping, setting up house. I walked 6 miles in total and lifting boxes and totes.  Providing for a really good workout.

Then the inconvenience raises it’s ugly face (I know you can’t tell but I’m distracted…..there was a Spider Monkey on my patio and caught glimpse of him as he was leaving).  No water!!  I’m supposed to have water. Now, in Mexico I’m not interested in the water for drinking but it does a great job for cleaning especially a filthy, sweaty body.  The maid had just put on my fresh sheets I just bought!

I’m home but not without inconvenience……

Here’s where things get a little weird, I’ll have to backtrack about 5 hours.

Just returning from shopping there’s a motorbike in the road in front of the condos……weird?  It’s running and the headlight is on. I had to negotiate my way around it.  Two security officers were called out because of a fire!!!  Right at the base of the condo!! A rather large swath.  No firetrucks came out just the 2 security officers and they used the ‘garden hose’ out front to douse the fire!!  A regular garden hose! There’s no fire hydrants around, anywhere in Puerto Aventuras!

Move on into the early evening and back to my shower.  I relented that my dirty body was gonna have to soil my nice clean sheets.  But, I’m frustrated as I had resigned to the fact of having no water for my first night in my new home. I then decide to go outside in the dark, in the jungle with my iPhone flashlight to see if I could possibly remedy my situation.

As I’m making my way to the stairway upward I walk across and electrical cord leading from a condo to a outdoor closet across from the condo that I thought to be curious.  Once outside I saw Craig and Tamara, my new neighbors from up north. They were with Jose’ the maintenance man discussing the problem about where the fire had scorched the surroundings. Comes to be, that the condos are service by a well and the pump had stopped (from no electricity, thus the electrical cord leading from the condo to the outdoor closet) and some convoluted way it was because the fire was extinguished with the garden hose!!

I know……but this is Mexico.

So after I conferred with Craig and Tamara I understand that they are supplying the electricity for the pump and that it will take some time for the pressure to build up.  Believe me, I kept a close watch on my tap to see when the pressure was sufficient for my shower.

Finally!!!  Yeah!!  I get to take a nice quick ‘hot shower’!  Not so fast Rupert!  The water pressure was fine, I just couldn’t get ‘hot water’!  I’m now faced with taking a cold shower and for the wrong reason! The hot water heater is one of those energy efficient ‘on demand’ things. But, it’s gas not electric.  Curious. So, I figured out how that little dude works and went back for my shower. I figured give it a few minutes it’ll be fine. Nope, there’s no hot shower in this condo!!!  Not an oddity here.  So I’m taking a ‘cold shower’…..then, right at the end I decide just out of curiosity to turn the knob the opposite way (it’s a single knob for water….left hot, right cold, middle warm.  Nope, it turns out that the hot water is to the right, the cold to the left.  My shower is over.

This morning……no water!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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