I Always Want To Do It All, Right Now!

I Always Want To Do It All, Right Now!

I’ve been this way for all my life!  I feel I live in a candy store!  So much to do and I want to do it all, I want to do it right now and keep doing it!  It’s almost as if the things I want to do will not be there tomorrow and I have to do them NOW!

I don’t know if anyone else has that trait.  I’d be interested.  I find it both amusing and frustrating. Both on account that realistically, at least in the dimension, I can’t do it all NOW!

Yesterday was my second day living here in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.  There’s just so much to see and do!!  And for the most part I can do it all walking (trying to be more health conscious).  There’s such a beauty to this place.  img_2760 By the way, too ‘slick’ to walk all the way out too…..sea algae.

Just last evening there was a Rock-n-Roll extravaganza in the pueblo centro……it was just a bit too much for me though, I had already walked 6.5 miles for the day and to say the least, I was done.

There’s 2 parts to Puerto Aventuras Pueble separated by highway 307 which extends from Cancun to Belize. There’s the beachside of 307 that’s controlled access and gated, and then the other side which is almost all locals, a very natural state.  I’ve ventured there briefly and would like to explore it on foot, another one of those ‘I gotta do this!’

I’ve a commitment to be here for the next year……so I tell myself to cool my jets!

I want to find all the friendly people, the best native cuisine to be eaten, visit all the Mayan Ruins, feel the waves of bit of the Caribbean that kisses the shore, explore the jungle seeing the Mayan’s and the animals in their habitat…..and then move on to the next country.

Just as life in the fast lane in the U.S. there’s obligations here, just not nearly as demanding or stressful. I’ve accomplished attaining my Mexican Residency (not to be confused with citizenship), next is Naturalizing my car and plating it for Mexico.  Mexico is my new home from which I travel.

Travel!!!  That’s another thing!!  I’m ready to hit the road, grab a plane, invade a new continent (there not really new, they’ve been there for a while….just new to me), grab a bottle of Argentine wine, or Italian wine…..I ready to GO!!!  NOW!!

I Always Want To Do It All, Right Now!

I really have to sit myself down at times and tell myself I have plenty of time.

There’s also adventure/amusement parks here…oh and Cirque de Soleil!!!!

Casinos!!!!  There’s casinos here too!!  Not the large variety as in the states.  These are rather small, perhaps a shopping strip size or that of a moderately size house.

There’s the tourist traps of Playa del Carmen and Cancun!

And there’s two nearby accessible islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres!

Further up the Yucatan Peninsula is the island of Holbox!!!

A bit south of here is Bacalar!  The water is 7 shades of blue!  It’s where parts of ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ was filmed.  From what I’ve seen in pictures and videos quite spectacular!

I Always Want To Do It All, Right Now!

All the while I want to be health conscious……eat well and eat wise.

And ‘yes’, I have a budget to live within!  Dang it!  That independently wealthy thing didn’t work out for me.

I’d love to visit all the abandoned churches too!

I kept thinking….I’m leaving something out. And yes I am.  This was a fluke find.  Storm ravaged resorts on the Caribbean that were never rehabilitated. dsc_1209  I’ve found 2 of them…..

Well, I guess I best get started. There’s lots to do!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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