Despite What Mom Said, We Need To Spit

Despite What Mom Said, We Need To Spit

Do you remember growing you would see someone spit and you would imitate them.  Only to get fussed at by your mom.  I don’t know about you, but that always stuck with me.

I even looked down on others that spit all through my life.  Disgusting is what I thought every time I’d see someone spit on the sidewalk, out a car window, on a baseball or football field.  It just wasn’t a civilized thing to do.

How many of those 60’s family TV shows did you ever see the dad spit on!!!  None!!!  See!!!  Even they knew it was a bad and disgusting habit.

Despite What Mom Said, We Need To Spit

Think of this a moment!  What if a person who spits, ran out of spit??  What then?  You can’t go down to the nearest 7-11 and buy more!  You’d just have to go through the motion of spitting and make a pptttt sound. There could be some dire setbacks.  Over spitting could lead to dehydration!!

Basically it was instilled in me and many youth growing up that spitting was a no-no.  But boy were we spitting bad asses at school!

Today I’m here to usher in a new era of Spit!

That’s right, I’m encouraging everyone to start spitting……..but in a very specific way and this can happen in restaurants, or any place in public.!

Get this!

I’m advocating the spitting of ‘SEEDS’.


Spit seeds.  You may say that most of your fruit that you eat doesn’t have seeds!  Seedless watermelon, seedless oranges, etc.

You see the problem with that and a lot of other so called ‘natural foods’ is that they are genetically altered.  There can’t be a way to plant a seed that doesn’t exist to get a seedless fruit!!!!  Something had to take place within the seed that is planted to produce the fruit.  And that fruit carries that trait to you right in to the cellular level of your being.  Now, that fruit is altering you.

Everything in our body happens at the cellular level!  Our growth, our reproduction, our healing……it all happens at the cellular level.

The water we consume is absorbed at the cellular level.  Think about it, look at the back of that soda pop bottle and see those ingredients (not much of anything that should be in your regular diet intake) and those ingredients are being absorbed into your body at the cellular level.

Whatever is done to that seed that is planted to grow seedless fruit is being absorbed by your body at a cellular level.  This is what our cells do, they absorb the nutrients that we provide for them.

It is much healthier for you to eat fruits with seeds than it is for the convenience of not having seeds.

Eat up!!!  Grab an orange and spit!

Here’s spitting to you!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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