It Can Always Get Better Than ‘This’!

It Can Always Get Better Than ‘This’!

Odd.  That isn’t how the statement goes.  You’re absolutely right.  It’s always been said that, ‘It Can’t Get Any Better Than This’.  It sounds nice.  But it also sounds so…… final!

I had an acquaintance years ago, a hip hop musician by the name of Rob.  Rob idolized Kanye West.  One day Rob came to my office and said he’d reached his pinnacle in music, that was it…..he had just written and recorded the best hip hop song he could ever do.  Time to hang it up!

Frankly I was floored.  I had never heard much less been around someone that had expressed elation and disappointment in one sentence regarding a career he hadn’t really even embarked on yet.  Rob was 31 years old and and had never had a song chart and here he was spouting that he’s hit the pinnacle.  That’s it!

It Can Always Get Better Than ‘This’!

I was quick to tell him that, ‘no’ this is just the first step in recognizing his talent and his potential.  That the sun wasn’t ready to set on his future music career before it had started.

I’m not sure whether Rob listened to me but I did watch as he began to make inroads in the Hip Hop scene in Tampa, Florida.  It was neat to see and honestly I was jealous.  Younger than I and he was chasing his dream, finding his way, getting approval and tasting success.

Somewhere along the path of our lives we’ve relinquished the reigns of our way because we came to the moment; ‘It Can’t Get Any Better Than This’.  We sadly believe and retire from our dream.

Myself, I didn’t manage to go forward and wrote, record and release my first CD.  11 home spun songs in total.  I had copywrite on all my material, registered with BMI to collect my bounty…….I did it as right as could be done.  And I felt so proud of it.  I did have some detractors.  Mostly from people who weren’t doing anything in their lives and deemed attacking my efforts would elevate themselves.  Hurray for them.  I did have a few people that pointed out my shortcomings.  That was hurtful but, I’m a big boy……that was fine and actually true.  That ended up being helpful.  And there were those who ‘LOVED’ my music.  To all, I’m appreciative.  I took some good out of it all.  And it was clear,…….’It can always get better than ‘this’!’

There’s is such a waste of time in analyzing what’s done rather than doing with the mindset of improving.  Yeah, that statement could be written in another writing but it just crossed my mind as to what I then pursued.

Back to the subject at hand.

We actually stop growing as a person, artist, entrepreneur, professional of our choice when we acknowledge, ‘It can’t get any better than this’.  We’ve put up a wall and we can’t go any further.  After all, what’s the use of going forth if the pinnacle has been reached.  Everything afterwards is moderately and poorly productive.

That’s why I always tell myself, ‘It Can Always Get Better Than ‘This’!’  I see what I did as good, I’ve made progress, I’ve along the way improved on my last effort.  And when I finish the task that I’ve put my hand to, I truly expect that my next effort will top my previous.  Always!  It doesn’t matter what I’m plying my talent to……it’s the way that I think.

Don’t give in to the adage, ‘It can’t get any better than this’. Because it can.

So what brings this on this morning?  Was it a simple reminiscing of Rob?  Boasting of my belief?  Actually none of this.  What brought this own is me seeing that I may possible be shortsighted on my travel adventures and just decide…..well I made it this far, that’s good enough.  NO!!!!  It’s not good enough!!!!  There’s more to see in this world that America and Mexico!!

What I have to do now, is just finish up my house set-up which I’m gonna call home and begin exploring the obvious and not so obvious Mexico and it’s cultures.  From here, I’ll spread my wings.  I’ll have to mange my time or else things will fall by the wayside and I can’t have that!  You see, I have the material for a couple CD’s at hand, I have the beginnings of a few books, and I want to resume painting at some point in my travels.  What’s a hinderance on the painting is where would I keep my treasures or how can I possibly carry this stuff around!!  I realize I should share my treasure and leave my mark behind.  Greed.  I can do better!

It Can Always Get Better Than ‘This’!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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