Dancing In The Breeze…………

Dancing In The Breeze…………

There’s a place on the beach here in Puerto Aventuras that……..it’s the far reach of the southern part.  It’s just a simple plain beach.  Quite a bit away and deserted. And there’s a small lighthouse on the point.

I’ve been wanting to go there.  A long walk, no short cuts, no road to drive and if there is I know there’s no place to park.

I went there yesterday.  It was like going through an obstacle course to get there and it did not disappoint!  The beach comes to a point jutting out in to the sea with a small lighthouse standing guard.

I found that on the other side of the beach that reaches out in to the sea is a waterway leading inland for boaters.

Like those commercials where the rich are yachting, drinking, and swimming.

But back to the beach.  Where the area that reaches out in to the sea, there in the water about 50 yards is like a small rock island that is crescent shaped. What happens here is that large yachts anchor here and play. It’s truly like one of those enticing commercials where the people are on the boat and moments later they are frolicking in the shallow blue waters.  I watched that happen yesterday.  As you can see, nice………img_2956

Anyway!  Back to the beach part.  All my walks include some great music being fed thru a set of Apple earbuds.  It just really rocks my life, this combo.  Today was no different.

I was tuned in to iHeart Radio listening to Kenny Chesney Radio Station.  A great variety of Country Rock songs are just flowing with this beach.  I’m carried away.

There’s this great Caribbean breeze that’s taking me away and then Kenny’s singing “Somewhere With You”….I’ve my arms outstretched feeling the winds rush over me!  I’m in a state of ‘elation’!!  Next thing I know, I’m dancing in the breeze on a abandoned beach!!


Dancing in the breeze…..I felt so liberated, so intimate with life. I could’ve stayed there forever.

I’m really looking at life a lot different.  I wish I’d grabbed a hold of this freedom much earlier, I could’ve been dancing in the breeze much more often!

“Dancing In The Breeze”  I’m thinking of writing a song.  There’s something to that special moment, the freedom, intimacy, looniness!!  Things are different in a good way from that experience.

Maybe…..I’m just having a thought here, bear with me.  Maybe you could find a moment with outstretched arms……letting the moment overtake you, feeling the rush of the freedom to be a bit silly and dance to your own breeze and your tune in life.

I’m truly loving this!  Signed affectionately, “Breeze Dancer”!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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