Meeting Challenges Builds Strength

Meeting Challenges Builds Strength

That sounds cool!  We all want to be lead stronger lives, I assume.  With as little extra work as possible.

I particularly like the last sentence above.  I’m of the persuasion a certain amount of work is required for a desired result and anything above that doesn’t improve the results…’s wasted effort.

Crazy. Sort of flies in the face of everything we’re taught thru life.  And, on this posting I’m not putting out the effort to defend or support my position.  What I am here to write about is the challenges and preparation for the next.

I’ve quit my ‘job’ before retirement age.  I’ve lowered my income but a substantial amount.  My investments as of today ‘stink’.  But, I’ve done something that I’ve thought about for the past 5 years and spoke about for the past 2……I’ve moved to Mexico.  It’s to be my first stop in my travels. And I’m sitting here this morning in the dark except for the glow of my computer screen and a candle to my right and thinking I’m resting in my accomplishment.

Meeting challenges builds strength.

I’m really grappling with the fact that I’ve done this and yeah I’m ‘really’ enjoying this life but there’s a but!  Okay, I’ve done this which I felt was something bigger than me…….I’ve grown, I’m stronger.  I want to do more, and use my strength.

Use it or lose it.  Right!!  I keep thinking I want to go!!  GO!!!!  My thoughts since realizing what I’ve done is I don’t want to lose that newly acquired strength.  I don’t want to surround myself with the usual entrapping of life.  I just left there!!  Just because Mexico is less expensive doesn’t mean that I need to be acquiring shit!  I just got rid of ‘shit’!  Shit holds us down where we are and we can’t do the shit we want to do!  Shit!

So, ambition should be allowed to take advantage of strength.  Those 2 are perfect soul mates.

The focus isn’t on what I give up but rather what I’m gonna get!  That’s not selfish.  It’s a lifestyle design.  Why should I be held captive to what someone else’s ideal life style would be…….I want to see those places I read about in history books, the places that mesmerized me in National Geographic.  I want to go!

Machu Picchu!  Why not!!!

Well, what am I to do with my guitars…….my books, all my clothes, I’ve my favorite pots and pans (few but I really like them, I got them from Ikea) or all my writings (hard copies).  It’s a dilemma.  And if i just sit here, it will be a growing dilemma.  And my car!!!  What am I to do with my car!!

Europe!  I want to travel Europe….starting in Portugal and working my way eastward thru the south along the coast of the Mediterranean then northward after tracing the boot of Italy.  Staying my allotted 6 months in each before moving on.

Thailand, Vietnam and Japan!

I’ve a gypsy heart.

Perhaps I could be a traveling minstrel.

There’s options!!

Meeting Challenges Builds Strength!

I feel strong, and I feel encouraged…….and a bit daring and I don’t want these to elude me.  I feel compelled to move forth.

The effort to repeat what I’ve done thus far encourages me.  Yeah, life is telling me ‘you can do this’!  I’ve known the voice of dissension and I much prefer this one that now encourages me and applauds my doing with a desire to see and do more!

Don’t get me wrong…..there’s much left to explore here in Mexico and I will.  That’ll satisfy.  But, there’s a bigger picture.

It looks like I’ll start paring down my wardrobe again, and leaving accept that I’ll be leaving my Ikea lamps behind too.

I can eat a whole elephant one bite at a time, I can do this.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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