They Call Me Amigo……

They Call Me Amigo……

Yep…..that’s what they call me.  Some, the officials call me John Louis.  Louis is my middle name and my last name is a little difficult for them.  I’m accustomed to it though.

Amigo!  I like the way it sounds.  They seem so pleased to meet me and greet me as such, I taken to be honest.

Now this is only the locals…….American’s, Canadian’s and French.  Sometime their greetings aren’t discernible…. I’m living thru this.  The least friendly of the lot are American’s.  Sadly.

Back to me…….  How many people, for my friends in Florida… many call YOU Amigo???  Exactly.  My friends and relatives.  Wait, never mind none of y’all read my blog.

I feel good when my new acquaintances here call me Amigo.  I really feel important.  They seem to be greeting me with such affection……

They could be calling me son-of-a-bitch like my neighbor lady back in St. Petersburg…or Motherfucker like her husband.  But that’s another story.

I don’t know about you, but I like people to be nice to me, greet me friendly and just be pleasant.  We can enjoy each others company in a peaceful way that I believe isn’t as common as it once was.  That’s me.  It, the lack of civility tends to make me shy away from socializing as much as I did decades ago.

Being called Amigo at this stage of my life is perfect.  I need that right now.  Changes, rebuilding me….it’s important that I have such a positive input from anyone!!!  I like it!

I think when the spider monkey turned and looked at me he chimpped, “Amigo!”.

I’m thinking.  Now, this is in the early stages of thought so bear with me, but I’m thinking about changing my name to ‘Amigo’.  Do you realize how many people would be calling me by name here in Mexico!!!  AWESOME!

I guess you can tell by now that I’m really taken away with the people here…..  Just a short bit ago on one of my daily walks someone called out to me ‘Hey Amigo!’.  Man!!  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

They call me Amigo!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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