I’m Being Forced To Change!

I’m Being Forced To Change!

I could cry about this.

I feel I have good reason to cry, and I’m a bit upset but I realize there’s nothing that can be done about being upset except get over it.  It’s about my music that I already have recorded.  Some of it,  just perfect the way it is others just needing a tweak here and there.

And as of this morning….none of it is usable.

The software programs I use are incompatible with my new MacBook Air and the upgrade programs are rather pricey.  I could say it’s my fault not spending the monies as I went along to upgrade the newer versions as they came due…..it just wasn’t necessary at the time.  And even at that one of the programs is really pricey.

I’m being forced to change.

All along I’d been thinking about my music and that I’d like to be more aggressive and edgy in some instances, challenge my talent and resources.  Challenge my ears to hear different!  Challenge my pen to engage listeners and challenge the sonic influence to go where I’d never been nor think I could go.

Well guess what?  I have to choice but the ‘change’ and accept the ‘challenge’.

I’m today plodding thru software options and what can be salvage from the old files.  I won’t know until I’ve jogged down that path.  So the answers I can’t preconceive, I can only accept what will happen.

So the bad news isn’t all bad.  It may take me longer to get the work done, I may have to work harder and longer but I do believe it will be worth it.  I have my acoustic, my bass, I’m ordering a keyboard and I’ll shop for an inexpensive electric guitar.

I’ll reimagine my CD’s.  That’s the first step while exploring my software options……(going back to a compatible OS version isn’t an option due to other software obligations, I’ve been thru that).  I’ll make a brisk work of both as I’m excited about the opportunity.  Yeah, I’m disappointed in not being able to reach back and grab my recordings but at the same time at least 4 of those songs I really liked but I wasn’t sold on my arrangements. Now I’m force to make those changes.  And I’m eagerly looking forward to the new opportunity.

If anyone has an idea…..feel free to drop me a line at …..   johngaudetmusic@gmail.com

I’m really going to get the best out of me….and that’s what I want and that’s what you as a listener should expect!

I’m being forced to change and that’s okay.

Peace, love, and beaches John

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