Everyday Is Full of Freshness

Everyday Is Full of Freshness

I’m glancing thru the headlines.  It could be any day, I’ll find the same today, that I found yesterday and yet will find again tomorrow.  I look at my little problems.  Then I try to relate to the trials of the others in this world.  I can’t. I don’t understand but I do feel an obligation to live my life to it’s unknown fullest.

Selfish.  I think not.  There’s not one thought that can change another’s life 10,000 km away.

I’m feeling the opportunities this day presents.  My mind is searching for all that I want and discover the hidden gems of today.

Everyday is full of freshness.  Just look.  It’s not in the news, it’s not in materialism and it’s not in coveting what another has. Try opening up to the idea that today is mine…..

I personally like to look at something on the edge of where I’ve been…..something that will take me to a out of the usual to the unusual.  That’s where the freshness is…..not just in thought but in experience.

The days of our youth live in the freshness of the day.  Everything seemed as though it was new when I was younger because it was.  Of course, I didn’t bother with the mainstream path, rebellion was on my menu.  Today’s rebellion is not accepting that I have to have a normal pattern that I repeat everyday acquiring the same results.

Today I have a new clock that is ticking with new hours, minutes, and seconds.  They have no relation to yesterday without my impressions.  They are my freshness!!!!  I’m free to use them anyway I want!!  I have no demand that they conform to yesterday or what someone else believes I should do with them.  They are mine!!!!!

Of the new set of hours, minutes, and seconds……I get to use them but can keep none.  What I don’t use, I lose.  Thinking I can’t bankroll these precious moments, I must approach them with a fresh thought and energy.  I need to experience the value of them now.  I can’t save time.

Who knows!  My efforts today may have an impact on those lives that are lived in oppression and denial.  Another reason to reach out and grab the freshness of a new day.

Everyday is full of freshness…..don’t waste it. You don’t get a second chance on today.

Peace, love and beaches,


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