Rest In Peace……………..

Rest In Peace……………..

Why do we say ‘rest in peace’ upon someone’s death?  It sounds good.  But do we know what we’re talking about?

The statement assumes to me that they did not have a very peaceful life.  Or that torment perhaps is expected in their other world!

I’ve used it.  I just used it, that’s all!  My life is touched by certain people and their presence and art have an influence on me.  I have an emotional connection, some more than others.  How could I assume that anything wasn’t peaceful in their lives and that their new world isn’t peaceful.

Rest in peace.

I know in my instance that I really don’t know what to say but ‘rest in peace’ may not be as comforting as I think it is when said to a relative or love one left behind.  Were they a part of the departed’s “unrest”???

You as reading this may think that I’m being silly.  I believe I am being serious when I say ‘rest in peace’, but I don’t believe I know what I’m saying.  Perhaps the loss leaves me without an alternative expression.  I’m not sure.

Some may have been in the heat of battle with an illness….and ‘rest in peace’ sounds to be appropriate.  But I know that some people facing challenges are at peace, the exploration of the challenge enlightens them, enhances their understanding of their path, and provides  the exhilaration and rush that they have so often enjoyed in life.

Do I sound a bit callous?  Perhaps.  But, I’m not for one that wants another’s pity or remorse spent on me. Rather than say ‘rest in peace’, it should be said, “there went a life well lived”.

Anyone could use their religious belief to somehow substantiate their position in the deceased ‘life’ and ‘death’…….poppy cock!  HUH?  Poppy cock!  And don’t get me started!  Oh, I may have gotten myself started. I do believe there is a life here/after sort of……and this isn’t the place for that.  I’m saying, “You don’t know my life that I’m living and you surely don’t know my life after I’m gone.”  To anyone who just had a self-righteous religious mental remark…’re sad.

Rest in peace………

There’s got to be a better and more substantial way of exploring our feelings and expressing them regarding someone’s earthly death.

Think of it as a ‘creative writer’ might rethink the rewrite of a shallow paragraph in a dynamic novel.  That’s the way we should approach expressing our appreciation and loss of someone who has just died.  Exchange nouns for adverbs.

Maybe I’m a bit silly or making ‘to do’ about something that’s better left untouched.  After all ‘rest in peace’ does sound very eloquent.  Why not continue to use it?

To all of you that are reading this……I wish you peace, and much well deserved rest.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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