What About, What You Believe Is True For You

What About, What You Believe Is True For You

Having faith in what we believe.

We believe differently about different things.  Even in one’s religion there is different beliefs about their belief.

But how about this ‘what you believe’ is “True” for you!

Too simple. I know.

But in life what we believe we can do can be done.  We can actually put that to test and prove it.  How come the same principle can’t be held to be true upon our death!

What you believe is true for you…..

I’m more and more convinced that how we live and what we believe is a determining factor on what happens after this life.  We want purpose….there it is!  Hidden right in the midst of our lives.  Dependent upon a religion is extremely convenient.  It actually promotes laziness. But, it is what it is and to the believer it is what they will experience in the after life.

If I’m right, and I really believe that I am……as a word of advice, I wouldn’t believe any punishment or damnation, you might have a rude surprise.  Why?  It’s our tendency (for whatever reason) to believe the worst of situations.  Hope is a positive expectation.  So, listen to how ‘hope’ is used around you.  I’m sure you want here it as a positive but rather something that isn’t expected as the outcome.  We have more to do with the outcomes than we realize.  (Just thought I’d throw that in)

One thing that can help us in our belief (no matter what it is) is to first think of ourselves as ‘spiritual’ beings rather than human beings.  But not to the extent that we ignore the human needs and sufferings, that would be idiotic.

One thing I actually go thru in my mind (you’re gonna think I’m fucking nuts here) is my departure and acceptance of that earthly departure…..I, in whatever the situation (And I have imagined some harrowing ones) is to experience gratitude for a life well lived and a positive anticipation for the what awaits.  Beats fear!!  Beats negativity!!  It may be in the midst of an ‘Oh fuck’ moment, but that’s part of the ride.

It may not jump off the screen but I’m convinced….assured and passionate about this.

No, I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on the death…..it’ll be here soon enough.  But if it isn’t a consideration of life, why religion.  I don’t really talk about religion….too many arguments lurk therein.  To me this isn’t religion but rather part of life.  What I believe determines my spirits experience after my physical death.

I work hard on believing and experiencing positive things in my life.  I see the results of it too.  Love life, love people, live peacefully in myself and express that peace as outwardly as possible.  I feel comfortable.  There’s nothing I believe associated with violence, torment or punishment.  You can’t convince me otherwise.  Hopefully you wouldn’t want to try.  This is just flat out ‘good’!

We all have to make an exit.  We may or may not get to have a choice as to how.  But what we can control is our attitude and belief.  Peace and love is my attitude and belief.

Think about it.

What About, What You Believe Is True For You.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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