Setting My Sights On Exploring Mexico

Setting My Sights On Exploring Mexico

There’s more to Mexico than just the Mayan Riviera……although you wouldn’t think so by my previous writings.  But there is….and I want to see most of them should time allow…..11 more months.

Why just 11 more months??  Well, the plan is to spend part of November (right before Thanksgiving) and thru December 26th in Louisiana/Texas/Nashville,Tn. then flying out to Tokyo, Japan for an extended (2+ years) Asian and Australia tour.  Things can change, but right now that’s the plan.

While we’ve been scouring the Riviera Maya and there’s more to see, trips are in the planning for Belize, Honduras and possibly Guatemala for January and there’s a trip already together for Panama in February (getting back to spend a bit of time on Cozumel visiting with Wolf and his wife from St. Petersburg, Florida) and in the works a trip to Peru in September.

But!!!  There’s still more of Mexico.  Just this morning a discovered another Riviera in Mexico!!!  The Riviera Nayarit.  It’s on the Pacific Coast just south across from Baja California Sur around Puerto Vallarta.  It looks interesting, an island off the coast to visit ‘Isabel Island’ (I love islands).  Just this small are (in comparison to the Riviera Maya) has different beaches that range from surfing to rather private.  I’m curious.

Then there’s the Baja California Sur. A hotbed for celebrities…..yeah, but it’s beauty is makes it stand out!  The celebrities and their pose’s  can stay away for my benefit!  Los Cabos is known as the ‘end of the earth’ since it’s the last piece of land on the peninsula.  All sorts of water sports to enjoy or just sunbathing…  Me, I want to go to experience it’s unique cuisine, geography and archeology sites.  I’m simple. Oh and the bars!!! Can’t leave the bars out!

Chiapas. Near Villahermossa in the State of Tabasco. Palenque ruins are the main site for some unique Mayan Ruins.  Palenque means “wood stake fence,” referring to a fort or fenced-off place.  Also on my must do list is “Painted Tales of Bonampak” and its famous Temple of Murals. The murals lining the walls of this temple depict with realism and colours the actions of a battle, its sequels and a final celebration of victory. It was discovered in 1946 by archaeologists.

Mexico City.  This will take a number of visits as it is a very large city first off and secondly it is the least expensive airport to fly to all the destinations on the itinerary.  So, each visit for flights will be a visit to the city for a day or a few, here and there.  One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with 16 boroughs and more than 300 neighborhoods!!!  History, altitude and culture.  Worth the time.

Oaxaca (pronounced wa-hah-kah), a city located about 300 miles south of Mexico City. Another city rich in history and culture.  5,000 feet above sea level.  I’m sure it get just as chilly as Mexico City.  But I still want to visit.

Guanajuato, the capital of Guanajuato state, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated in a picturesque valley surrounded by the Sierra de Guanajuato mountains.  I want to visit just because of its status and the regional cuisine……I’ll be on the prowl for a few bars too…..unique one.

So here in Mexico I’ve got a lot to see along with my Central America treks.

January will be a time to get BUSY!!!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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