Looking Out My Patio Door

Looking Out My Patio Door

It’s daybreak…..I’m relaxed and doing something I like that is very simple.  I’m looking out my patio door.

There’s a world of wonder thru my gaze.  I wonder about a lot of things.  I see a lot of things.  And I wonder if any of those things that I wonder about or see know I exist.

My piece of paradise lingers in space and time.

But back to my patio door.

In the trees of the jungle I can see the swaying of the branches in the breezes and the swinging of the spider monkeys.  They are my curiosity.  I’ve never been this close to a monkey much less any wildlife.  They are aware of their surroundings….but yet so carefree.  I like carefree.  I think it’s that aspect of life that is most attractive to me.  Being carefree.  And why not?

I recently had a close encounter with a spider monkey on one of my many walks.  It was on the street in front of my condo and the cars coming by did everything but crash!  The monkey though was unfazed by their errant driving.  He just made his way with me in tow videoing the escapade.

He entertained me for the longest time and once he realized he had me as company he played up to me.  Intentionally keeping his distance but making sure he didn’t lose me.

Eventually he found his tree that would become the bearer of his morning snack.  Watching him make his way up the tree reminded me of my youth watching Cheetah climb trees and toying with Tarzan.  Oh, and let’s not forget about ‘Boy’ and ah, yes….Jane.

Okay!!!  FOCUS!!!!  Looking out my patio door.

There’s a family that lives right outside my door.  The Agouti’s.  The Agouti’s are rodents.  Charming.  I’ve named them…..the dad is Mike Tyson, the mom is Robin Givens, and the youngster is little Mike.  Yeah, I’ve time on my hands…..  They are harmless.  The lowest rung on the food chain.  They are basically scared of everything (unless it’s fruit) and everyone, yet they will waddle right up on my patio to my door and not be alarmed by me.

That is reflective of my peacefulness.  I have my moments of angst…..very few and far between times though.

Just a few afternoons ago a lovely couple of raccoons came calling.  They seemed to make themselves at home on my patio, sort of like wanting me to come out and share a beer and a snack.  I opted but to watch.  Now I’d seen raccoons before, mostly at Fort DeSota in St. Petersburg, Florida scavenging food from the park garbage cans.  These, on my patio seemed well nourished, clean and perhaps a bit more upscale in life.  A really neat experience just to look on to their peaceful lives.

Oh!!!!  Let’s not forget the birds!!  A variety of fare feathered little friends. Some can be a bit noisy at times.  They will perch themselves within the patio on a branch, the table, chairs or the tile…….right up to the sliding door before fluttering away to be poolside.

I don’t need to feed them, the jungle provides all the wildlife with sufficient foods.  This, it seems is just too good to be true.  I don’t need to buy bird feed, or give the animals any scraps of leftovers.  They are self sufficient!  How cool is that!!

Looking out my patio door.

I love this.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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