Why Do We Keep Electing These People?

Why Do We Keep Electing These People?

I don’t like being political…..and hopefully this will not come across as such.  At BEST, it will be bipartisan.  Hang with me please….I think I have something to say.

Let’s go!

This came from a response to a Facebook posting I did yesterday about Senator John McCain.  He made what I thought to be the ‘MOST OUT OF TOUCH’ statement that anyone could ever make…… “This is the sign of a possible unraveling of the world order that was established after World War II, which has made one of the most peaceful periods in the history of the world,” McCain referring to the possible Russian hacking of the DNC and Hillary and the feeble really non-existence response of the Obama administration.

Peaceful periods in the history of the world!!!  We should all have a pair of Mr. McCain’s rose colored glasses!!

In my Facebook post I asked ‘Where The Fuck This Shithead Comes From?’!!!  And I got a response of, “Why do we keep electing these people?”  I thought to be a great response!  (Thanks Reba)  And an even better question.  So…why do we keep electing these people?

Just another ‘school’ taught popularity contest.

I don’t have ‘the’ answer but I do believe I am on to something here.  This, the re-electing of inadequate government officials is highly due to a lack of choices.  Simple, yeah….it’s sort of the way I think.  So, the voters in their respective communities lack choice.  Yeah, I know there was a preliminary and that’s how we get to these so that makes choices available.  Nah!  That’s just fooling ourselves.

How many of those elected have no part affiliation??????????

We have 2 dominate parties in this country.  Two sides to choose from.  I’d like to say that I believe most people starting out running for office are earnest in wanting to make a difference.  It’s once they get tied up with the hierarchy of the respective parties that the lines begin to get blurred.  They need the support of their party to carry forth their earnest agenda.  Only that agenda takes on the hierarchies personality. Their earnest agenda gets mixed in with others in authority and their agendas.

The earnest politician making his way needs the party approval and help.  There is the Problem.  In order to get in office and present their public minded solution some compromise is necessary. And too often that compromise gets out of hand and what the auto repairman turned politician set out to do, now has been watered down and compromised to an 2nd, 3rd tier priority if it still exists at all.

There needs to be a serious BRAKE in this party stuff, or whoever it may be that is climbing the ranks thru the grass root movement needs to be independent enough (mostly financially) to be able to buck the system.

That is a very TALL task!  Not many want to fight that fight.  Hell, those that are deeply involved in their party affiliation are deeply involved due to their own compromise.

Why do we keep electing these people?

We ALL really need to ask this of ourselves.

Peace, love and beaches,


p.s. I didn’t reread this…….. just wrote it, no edits, no reconsiderations of voice or opinion.  I just wrote.

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