Maybe You Have The Same Problem!

Maybe You Have The Same Problem!

Problems??  What Problems??  If only my problem thought it wasn’t a ‘problem’!  I’m smiling as I’m writing this….this is my adventure in daily life.  Yes, it’s a problem for me, one that I find challenging and well…..entertaining.

I’m not gonna say I’m forgetful.  But, I have so many moments of thought…..a splendid idea and it just vanishes.

I walk into a room with a purpose in mind……well I did for a moment!!!  Now I’m standing here, looking around and wondering why I came????  I know, I’ll back track my steps to where I think the thought to get up and walk to the next room in hopes of finding the thought so I can re-enter the room and find or do the whatever it was that brought me there!!!!  Lots of energy here……

Maybe you have the same problem……

In a conversation.  Somewhere in there I’m side tracked.  It doesn’t seem like a problem to start with, but my converser is looking at me a bit puzzled and has put their hand on my shoulder in a somewhat concerned way.  Which brings me back to the conversation that I am totally clueless about and now I’ve the challenge of pulling myself together, apologize and pay attention to the emphatic replay.  I usually feel terrible when this happens…..which happens too often.

I heard this song and it pulled me in, opening a flood gate of memories and creativity (this line comes to mind as I’m writing a paragraph above!!!!  This is in real time for me, I best get back to my original thought…unfortunately I’ll probably forget my point here. Let’s see.) and I get lost.  (I’m now working on trying to remember where this was going…..bear with me.)  As a writer I’m always looking for inspiration…..something that may seem like nothing that may be what I’m looking for or at least take me to someplace, some thought, some line, some image that sparks the fire.  (How did I do?  I’m not sure!)

This is how I live my life.  I even have resources to help me capture ideas, and such.  But, I too wrapped up in the moment of whatever it is to consider anything!!  Besides, my thoughts are active, everything is in motion and nothing really last for long…  That’s how this very paragraph came to be.  I didn’t sit here and think of what I wanted to say (as a matter-of-fact…I’m thinking about my walk on the beach and the approaching sunrise!!  GADS!!!)  Where was I at?  Oh, yeah…..this is how I live my life.  There’s a rampage of undisciplined thoughts and images that are hijacking my mind and taking me to ‘who knows where’!!

Maybe you have the same problem……

I often wonder…..’how do I actually get anything done.’ (I’m back to my beach walk and sunrise….I probably should tend to this. But if I walk off with this unfinished, can I come back and pick up????  I’ve 58 unfinished blog articles that are born of that unction!!)  Sometimes the completed work isn’t recognized as a completed work because of my wondering mind and I think……how am I gonna finish this up?

Here’s a cutie.  I’ve written this song….(this happens quite frequently)  (Gosh, I’m thinking of taking my walk and that I need to shower before heading out to Tulum afterwards……focus, get back to the moment at hand John. Okay.) And I’ve practiced and working the arrangement and now it’s time to finally record!!  I’ll put down a roughly timed rhythm track followed by a drum track that I’ll come back and re-record my rhythm guitar track.  Done!  Now, I’ve got to come up with the music part for another instrument, say the bass, I’ll put together some bass parts and record.  Now, I’ve the track running and I’m recording my bass lines and I see my watch on my left wrist……now my watch has my attention and I’ve screwed up the bass recording!!!!  This is really what happens!!!  I no longer wear a watch.

How about this!!!  I’m reading a book that I’ve been putting off because I was reading another couple books (I read about 3 books at a time, switching back and forth).  I’m enjoying the book, really in to it……..but I don’t remember what I read over the past I don’t know how many pages… rereading the past few pages and as I begin reading, about a paragraph in and I’m zoned out!!!!  Completely off somewhere else. Where??? I’ve no clue!!!  And it really doesn’t matter!!!  I’m not in the content of my reading!!  This is my life.

This keeps me on my toes.  I laugh at myself!!  I smile a lot (like right now), find myself entertained with myself.  I’m happy.  This is me and my life.

Maybe you have the same problem….

 Peace, love, and beaches


(now for that walk out on the beach…..oh wait!!  Look at…….)

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