I Just Don’t Want To Keep Up With The Jones’

I Just Don’t Want To Keep Up With The Jones’

I can’t say I never wanted to be in the style the day, I wanted my hair long, my clothes loud, and bell bottom pants!

But that’s as far as it went!

From there……I wanted to find me and be me.  And that’s still happening this very day!!  Although I don’t want to wear the wrap around sunglasses, not interested in the ‘hey I’m intimidating look’ (you’re a bunch of fucktard pussies!), or my pants down to my knees, or my hair landscaped with my moniker therein…

I guess it’s because I’m defiant, still rebellious……I don’t want to follow the current trend.
Yeah I’m happy with what I do and who I am but I don’t want boredom and complacency to set in and rule. I still want different… look different, feel different…..experience different.

I just don’t want to keep up with the jones’

So, I find different looking sunglasses than the current wears that are on display.     I cut my hair off!!!  I grow it long and I wear a lot of different hats and on occasions I grow facial hair.  Boredom is something I prefer to avoid, after all, who wants to be bored!  Not Me!  I don’t like being predictable, I don’t like being merely satisfied with where I am, what I look like, what I’m doing!!

There’s always been that sort of fire burning deep within!

I don’t want to march to the same drum! Most of my adult life I even worked for myself!  Only the last job did I work for someone. I thought it would make it easier on my to write and record music……HA!!  It did the opposite!  I worked harder, longer, for less, had less time for myself and stressed out!!!  What a flop of an idea on my part.  All I got for that effort was FAT, and Bald! Well, not quite ball, but some serious thinning!!

I just don’t want to keep up with the Jones’

So what do I do???  I don’t just quit my job, no that’s not me.  I quit my job, gave away all my possesions (except my vehicle), sold my house and moved to Mexico!!  Using www.airbnb.com to find places to lay my head, seeking out every bar, finding beaches that people flock to and others they are not brave enough to venture.

While I haven’t drank every beer that brewed in Mexico……I’ve done some serious damage!!

But I’m not satisfied here……I’ve got scheduled trips to all of Central America, Puerto Rico and hopping around some of the islands!!!

I’m also looking into adding some Mexican gear to my wardrobe.  Like I say, I like being different.

I’ve made changes so much and so often that I’ve been unrecognizable to frequent acquaintances.

I’ve just purchased 2 new and different pairs of sunglasses, got some glasses ordered (they can’t accommodate my contact needs), scraggly beard, sneaky looking smile on my face all the time, and yep……my hair is getting long again!!!

I believe the only thing that is rather consistent about me is breathing and pooping.   Well, I do burp in public a lot too.

Other’s are interested what their neighbor is driving, wearing, doing……..I’m the least bit interested.  I’m too busy imagining what’s next!

I just refuse to conform!!

Peace, love, and beaches,



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