So You’re Writing A New Story…

So You’re Writing A New Story…

Did you do the same thing last year?  Did you start off the new year blasting that it’s a new year, a new day, a new story to be written??  It’s something we all have done in the past…….and some continue to do.  Look, I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade.  But……….

Do you remember in high school?  The teacher would tell everyone to put away their books except for a notebook and pen?  Do you remember the feeling of horror knowing that you had to write a story and you weren’t prepared!?? I distinctly recall that happening at the begging of school, “What I Did Summer of ’69”, or coming back to school after a holiday.  I can still feel the dread.

So what do you thing makes you a better writer today?  You’ve anticipated this day…….and you’ve spoken about it with energy, excitement, and adventure.

Now what are you gonna write???  How awful last year was and how much better this year will be??  That’s nothing.  That’s an ‘F’ grade writing!!

So you say to me that you don’t know what’s gonna happen this year, but it will be better than last year!!!  Once again… ‘F’.  Your paper is lacking substance…….direction…….goals…….steps…….optimism…….a sense of anticipated accomplishment.

Here’s what you do.  Take control!  Allow your mind to scamper around for a bit…..unabated!  Unless you have specifics in mind.  Then get right to writing that story.  But I remember sitting in that classroom clueless of what to write about.  That exercise did nothing to prepare me for anything.  But I can write about what I’m gonna do and experience how is plays out.

So You’re Writing A New Story…

Write down what you expect to happen.  Do it NOW!!!  If you put off doing it……that’s the story you’re writing.  That you will be putting things off!  ACTION!!!

Imagine what you want to do with your life.  Write it down.  Do it as a narrative.  I do this in a journal.  Separately on scratch paper I work on the details.  From there I’ll write that down in a notebook let is marinate and come back later.  I’ll evaluate……not in some sophisticated business like way (that’s no fun!), do some research, find some experiences I’ve had that might partially relate and look for people of likemind that have that experience.

What’s happened here is I’ve made a conscious effort.  That will move forward if I follow up on it.  If it’s something that I really want to do…..I’m passionate about.  My effort will become an obsession and a labor of love.  It’s not, then it will peter out like most crap from the past.  For me, I don’t want to waste time on things that I don’t really have a passion about.  I like to spend my time on doing the things I love.

Focus.  We never really learned how to write in school.  How do we expect to write our life story??  We’re clueless!!!  Just following a path that has been trampled before…..oh yeah, this leads me over there!  Is ‘over there’ where you really want to go?  Or, are you too lazy to think for yourself as to where you want to go with your life?

You don’t have to tell me……  I’m too busy doing my own thing.  I’m having fun doing my own thing.

Chaos brings about a new norm…..  Things must change.  That’s life.

This is personal….write!  

So, you’re gonna write your story and you’ve never written anything before.  It’s not as easy as these slogans write about but it is as simple as doing.

I really encourage everyone to break out that 365 page book, grab a pen and write!!!  You’re actually gonna do that anyway……unknowingly.  I just say put some purpose in to it!!  Write your life story based on what you want……not what you believe is expected of you.  Write you story from the perspective of hope and adventure.  It is YOUR LIFE!!

Enough…..break out the book that’s gonna unfold your life page by page and grab your pen (which is your doing).

Now write!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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