Getting Up Close and Personal

Getting Up Close and Personal

I took this picture yesterday… I had to get on the ground to shoot this mushroom.  As I’m going thru some of my Instagram postings this morning I thought about this experience.  Why did I think about this experience?  Because I don’t normally get on the ground to take this picture, I squat…aim the camera, shoot and hope that I get a good picture.  And as I’m admiring the picture and some comments through social media sites, I realize that the good things in life require that I get up close and personal.

Too often I take the short cut…..I say, “well, that’ll do.”.  I realize that I’m cheating myself.  I’m cheating myself by not getting up close and personal.

Now this is something of a revelation to me.  This just hit me moments before I started writing this so it’s still new to me, it’s still something that I haven’t measured or at least haven’t measured against what could have been thru my experiences.

And every moment forward comes as a challenge.  Am I getting up close and personal?

I’m not sure where this is gonna take me, but I’m curious enough to find out!

It’s like a baby playing on the floor.  I really got to get down there and experience this child…..and the child experience me!!  Just looking from above  isn’t the same.

Getting Up Close and Personal

I admit to being lazy.  And being over weight doesn’t help.  So, I just kill two birds with one stone…….I’ll not be lazy and I’m losing weight.  Tada!!!  I’ll stay away from the killing though…’s peace and love!!!

Now I’ve got questions for me……  Am I up close and personal in my relationships? How much richer would my experiences be if I were up close and personal with them rather than arms length?

I’ve got a lot to do!!

Just in the last 2 sentences…..something you can’t see, but they were re-written (editing on the go) to say what I wanted to say more meaningful.

Add some substance to life.  A deeper experience.  Hands on.

That ground level shot tells and shows more than the overhead……although the overhead shot has it’s place.  After all, not everything can be experienced up close and personal…. I much rather view a bull ride from a distance than get too close.

But I think ya gotta say, you get the point.

A little more effort can render a better experience in life than casual observation.

I’ll keep you updated on this..  And if you have something to share, I’d love to hear from you.

Your next encounter….get down with it!

Peace, love and beaches,


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