Bringing Things To Life In Your Life

Bringing Things To Life In Your Life

“Things live by moving and gain strength as they go'”  Bruce Lee   Bring it to life!

I’m reading through some excerpts from Bruce Lee’s Journal and it seems he was a bit ahead of the curve on his approach to life.  I’m delving into the rawness of what he writes and making it personal for me.  To achieve the things I want to achieve and be fully who I want to be.

When I read this, it got me to thinking.

Simply said, if I bring to life an idea and keep it moving……it gains strength.  To me it becomes fully alive at that point.  So my endeavor is to one by one….the 3 areas I’m most attracted to, bring them to life.  Fortunately those three areas are all related.  So my focus of getting them moving will feed all the more to the momentum and as they gain strength they will take on a life in my life.

I know I have the ability to achieve…..I’ve done that before and that brings about that confidence.  I know the object of my desires. I know some (not all, some will lie in wait) of my obstacles.  Most obstacles don’t stand up to persistence, I will be persistence……my desires are that strong!

Bringing Things To Life In Your Life

Do I know all that I need to know?  Do I know all the obstacles to be encountered?  NO!  BUT!!!!  I will get acquainted with them on the way!  If don’t do, I succumbed to fear before they have even greeted me with their feeble presence.

That’s adventure!!!  Adventure is found in doing the mundane are familiar….it’s in going beyond your present experience to unfamiliar territory!

What is it?  Is there something from your youth?  Is there something from a dream?  Is there something from an observation?

Mine is all of those.  I have my desires from my younger days that are set in front of me.  The only thing that tells me I can’t accomplish them is that I’m older.  But in reality that’s not an obstacle.  This is just in my doing, I only need to do!  From my dream is another, because I’m taken in with what I want to do, my dreams are coming to life.  I’ve put action behind my dream.  I a few decades ago observed a local friend that decided to pack up and go.  Later I did much the same….met another friend about 6 years ago that did extensive traveling and that has motivated me to do the same!

Will I get what I want before life is out of me?  I don’t know and that’s not a concern.  My focus is on the doing.  That’s it.  Focus on what I can control and not the peripheral things I cannot

It’s an effort worthwhile because that effort is fun.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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