Take Control of Your Changes!

Take Control of Your Changes!

Take CONTROL!  Changes happen.  Whether we like it or not.

But we don’t have to just sit there and let them happen to us, we can take part and we should!

I come to the reality that it’s even best if I initiate the change.  Give that a bit of thought.  You can bring about a desired change rather than just letting things happen to you and run their course.

I am living the change that I intentionally put forth.  I’m traveling!  No, I’m not reach.  When I found out that I didn’t have to be rich, that change my whole approach to traveling.  Can I give you a short idea of what it took, yeah.  Sell everything I had, gave away shit, paid off all my bills, and went!

And after tasting my change…..I want more.  So, I’m taking steps now to make more changes and being rather aggressive in my planning and my foundational work.  But enough about me…..back to the subject, ‘Taking control of your change.’

You may say I’m naive….but I believe that in any moment of change that is happening to you without you starting it that you can begin to take control and begin directing the change.  Will you be able to get exactly what you want from the change….perhaps, perhaps not.  But sometimes we get things we didn’t know we would enjoy.

Take Control of Your Changes!

Here’s what you do.  First off realize that you may have emotions about the change, but the change has no emotions about you……it’ll just work it’s change.  So what you have to do is do the same…….drop the emotional involvement.  Now, that’s not an easy task so what you do is focus on something about what’s happening that you can control.  When you initially do that you are working outside or beyond your emotional reason.  The objective at this point is to stay there, work your control and allow the momentum of that control to find other areas of the change that you can exercise control.

Now you are shaping the change that you didn’t start.  And maybe there isn’t much you can do, but what you can you should.

This is where the philosophy that you can find good in every situation comes from.  The silver lining.

Now if you were to initiate a change, other changes happen too so put some reason and design in your changing.  Plot a course.  Other changes that happen are similar to you adjusting to change only now it’s a bit of the opposite way around and the changes that happen unexpectedly can be taken advantage of, just re-evaluate your course.

I know it sounds simple.  But that’s because it is.  The difficulty lies in an individuals commitment to change.

Take Control of Your Changes!

Just this moment….my electricity went off (the whole condo complex….I paid my bill, hehehehe) so I lost my internet connection.  Next thing that I did was used my phone as a ‘hotspot’.  I took control of the change that I didn’t initiate.  Even on a larger scale it’s that simple…..only you can’t control every aspect of that change ……just grab hold of what you can and focus your will and energy right there.  You’ll build strength and momentum and take a little more control at a time.

Don’t view change as a problem, view your will as the solution.

Peace, love, and beaches!



  1. That my dear friend is the beauty of traveling, especially when you have freed yourself of the grab of everyday life in a house, a job and bills! Yes, those damn bills that keep you grounded from fulfilling your dreams. Everyday should be filled with adventures, good and not so good. That is what makes it a grand experience. Live the dream….enjoy the freedom!!….L&P

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