Google—There’s Better Alternatives

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Google—There’s Better Alternatives

You take for granted the convenience of Google.  Google in turns takes all that you give them.  WHAT??  Google tracks everybody that uses it and supplies that data to business to lure and further track you.  You could say that that’s the nature of the beast we call the ‘internet’.  That’s the wrong way to look at it.  There’s simple alternatives.

But first.  Think of yourself as a business.  You have something very valuable that you don’t have to purchase.  YOU!!!  I know that’s a bet general and you think how are ‘YOU’ a business and that you’ve nothing to sell…. what could possibly be of value.  Your name, your habits, your interest, you purchase history, your internet searches and all that entails.  You are a very valuable commodity!

Get this, I go to a music site…… and I search for a certain instrument and the associated brands.  When I go to Facebook, I’m getting advertisement enticing me to purchase that instrument from the advertiser that purchased the advertisement from Facebook who got their information from Google.  I supplied Google with my interest via and they supplied that information to any social site that I would visit… this case Facebook.

Google—There’s Better Alternatives

HELL!!! I’m being STALKED!!!

You wanna browse the internet using Chrome Incognito function!!!  HA!!!!  It’s Google folks!!!  They aren’t letting anything get away!

Every time you use Google to search for, say an ailment.  Google stores that information about you.  But the search wasn’t for you, it was for your auntie…, that’s information about YOU to Google.  You may think well, they can have the misinformation.  But….it’s not that simple.  They knows who YOU are.  They don’t care whether you may have whatever disease, you just search.  At present that information is used only in it’s aggragate form.  Presently.. The U.S. has privacy laws that are specifically guarding your healthcare information.

Think of it like this.  You are an address.  And they (there’s others too) have access to your most pertinent and private information from that address.

I don’t believe their intentions are sinister.  They are in it just for the money!

Here’s some alternatives    The Big G’s biggest competitor.Bing too uses your data in it’s aggregate form.  Here’s what I’m able to gather…..they know the all the tech aspects of your computer, query, browser configuration.  According to Yahoo…”Bing doesn’t know much about you and doesn’t want to know.”  Here’s the biggie….searches are stored separately from your account information.  Duckduckgo does not retain any of your data! So it won’t track and manipulate your searches.  This is my personal choices and I love the results I get in my searches….they are more organic, meaningful, not the advertising stuff that the Big G is made of.   You’ll here me talking more about as we go.  Here’s some additional information on my new favorite……  Quora is a ‘Community’!  You put forth your request and this huge body of information from members of it’s community.  Your profile information is available to other search engines.  Search engines have bots that crawl through information on the internet looking for specifics as its purpose. gets it’s information form Yahoo, Yandex, and Google.  It just removes the ads.  Not every company that subs from The Big G can protect your privacy.  I found that dog fails to answer whether or not.  Some companies struggle with this issue for their users.

Keep your self ‘private’

There’s much, much more…..too numerous!!!!   Take some time and do some research to find what fits your privacy needs.  Be aware of what is happening……..this is really all about you.

****This article is in no way a tech savvy information source.  Most tech wiz’s could come thru here and tear this apart only to prove their superior tech intellect.  Not with any concern for your privacy.  You do the diligence of protecting yourself.

Also, note…..there are ways to stop Google from tracking you.  There is information I’ve found that you can too….I just can’t reprint it due to copywrite infringement.

Oh!!!!  is a Google property too.  You can get around this with

Stay safe and as private as you can……

Peace and Love,


****this is merely a product of my personal ongoing research.

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