I Know This Is Wacko!!!!!

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I Know This Is Wacko!!!!!


I am ‘anti-pro-create’.

I am ‘anti-abortion’.

Yeah, you’re saying …….that is wacko!  Follow me for a bit here.

I am ‘anti-abortion’.  But I believe a woman should have the right to do with her body as she pleases.  I can’t give reasonings behind the why.  What I mean here is……the woman may not want the baby but is willing to carry it to term.  Bravo (my opinion).  Then there’s the woman that just don’t want to have wants happening to her body.  I understand, and support your right.

Now, I suppose some of you could quote me some statistics favoring either way.  Personally I could give a rats ass about those statistics.  Whatever statistics you present is only to support your point of view, the other point has their statistics too.

I’m glad I wasn’t aborted.  I would have missed Jimi Hendrix, Happy Days, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, my first car, my first kiss, 1st base, 2nd base etc.  I would have missed the Cub Scout Soap Box Derby Races, pitching the winning game for our baseball team (the only win!), riding bikes and falling down, doing things I was told not to do.  WOW!!!  That’s just the surface.  I even managed to get in education despite alcohol and drugs!!!  I made a little money along the way.

I’m thankful I wasn’t aborted.  Some of the people I met along the way….well life would have been better for everyone if their mom had chosen abortion.  Wacko!  I know, just honest.  It seems people are to concerned to say what they want to say because they get judged along the way.  I’ll just be honest and happy, I don’t give a ‘fuck’ about anybodies judgmental  attitude.  It’s only self-serving for you.

Wait, there’s more.

And then…….I’m anti-pro-create.   What the hell is that all about, you may be thinking!

I’m not anti-sex or anything like that and I’m not anti-kids (well sometime).  I’m not anti-family (although some of you really, really are fuck-ups).

I think of it like this.  I’m working on a problem, trying to grasp hold of the solution and I really don’t need to add to it!

Seriously, I feel we have too many issues that need to be tended to in society.  Why bring someone into this chaotic crap??  There’s too much anger, too much hate, too much violence, too much racism, too much religion, too much unrest and too much violence!!!  Yeah, I know I’ve left out some ‘too munches’. Besides, I know I’ve stepped on some toes and that’s not what I’m about.  I don’t really care if I’ve annoyed someone, just not my goal.  People are too touchy about themselves anyway

Anti-pro-create.  The very last thing we need is this society birthing more of the same. Like a racist negating another racist.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some really nice people out there!  Wonderful members of society.  Holding it together in the face of the worldwide calamity that is being playing out.  We don’t need to add to the fire, it’s seems to be raging just fine.

I’m finishing up….one moment please

I think we can do without pro-creating.  Guys can get their balls tied and ladies their tubes!  Then we can just turn this world into a love making machine!

I know many, many people like the assholes they’ve become and they don’t see a problem with raising their kids to be assholes too.  But, you’re part of the problem, not the solution……we really need to be working on the solution here!!!

There!  That’s it, I’m done!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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