Why Do People Dislike People They Don’t Know

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Why Do People Dislike People They Don’t Know

Why dislike someone you don’t know?

Have you ever known someone that says they don’t like him/her and you inquire and they say, “I just don’t!”?

It seems so silly.

So someone gave you their opinion of an individual and you’ve made this grand decision to follow suit with them!!  Are you just a follower?  No mind of your own?

And another thing…..why is it so important that you make a decision as to whether you like or dislike someone you don’t know and is highly likely you will never know!!! They have nothing to do with you, and you have nothing to do with them.  You’ve made someone important in your life for no reason!!  Silly!

Does it empower you?  Perhaps you should find something that you can focus on to make life around us all a bit better.  There’s that ‘ripple’ effect that takes place.

I have an acquaintance that ‘hates’ Pete Carroll.  Pete Carroll is a very successful football coach in both the college and professional game.  Me, I don’t get it!!  The guy is a winner!  From all that I’ve read he’s a very good individual, putting others first……helping others be the best they can be.  What’s to hate??  Now I know the person that ‘hates’ Pete…….so I can say this.  My acquaintance is a good hearted individual and will give you the shirt off his back…….but he doesn’t have any shirts, he has to give mine or someone else’s.

To dislike without reason is a weak person’s attempt to empower themselves.

It seems it’s easier to speak badly and curse someone to lift yourself up than it is to be the person you wish you were.  I’m not sure I’m saying that right.  My issue with this is that I don’t want to define this individual or the likes of them as someone of negative character.  I personally don’t feel the need to do that.  So, my wording may come a bit awkward.

So, if I can’t articulate exactly the way I want to say something, why write about it?  Good point, sort of.  I regardlessly think that judging someone you don’t know……especially with a passion isn’t in anybodies best interest.

Why not like, love at first?  What’s the harm?  Love is better for the soul than hate!  How superficial is one’s reasons for disliking?  Really?  Because of someone else’s opinion?? Or you don’t like them because they are successful in their endeavors and you ……..well you’re not.

With just a little effort in thinking good thoughts of someone we can all live a better life in a better world.  After all, we’re all entitled to be who we are!  To have our ways, our little idiosyncrasies, our own individuality!  That’s something we need to accept of everyone.  If not, surely no one would like us…..I know for certain you wouldn’t like me!

Be happy for others in their successes, you would want the same.

If it feels awkward at first, just think that it’s a positive moment for you and you’re building positive momentum in your life.

We all have something in common, we want to do good.

You really don’t need to know why you dislike someone you don’t know or someone you may know that is doing well for themselves.  You just need to find a way to feel happy for you……by being happy for them.

Practice makes perfect.

Do something today that makes you feel good……then feel good about someone else, someone you don’t know perhaps.

By the way……you don’t need to go apologize to an acquaintance that you weren’t happy for……just move forward.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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