When’s The Best Time To Lose Your Virginity

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When’s The Best Time To Lose Your Virginity

Is there a good time to lose one’s virginity?  Early?  Late?  Night time?  Date time?  Afternoon Delight??

How about where?  A bed?  The backseat of your dad’s car?  In a motel?  On the bayou bank?  Back of the levee?  On her parents sofa (not me, but I did get in trouble there…..caught too soon!  WTF was I thinking?)? Behind the stadium?  Behind or in the barn?

Back to when….

It was high school and I was 17 ——-late starter.  But I did ‘practice’ a lot before hand!  Hand…..hehehehehe.  Back to the topic at hand (hehehehe), I was dating Mary Terese (I changed her name to protect her innocence——-well actually I took care of the innocence part). Mary T was a little over a year younger than me which doesn’t seem that much, but possibly at the time.  Long black hair, doe eye, nice trim figure……real nice figure…..well things happen.  She was wild about me and I…..I was wild about her and I figured I was the luckiest guy in the world at the time…..I then I did get lucky.

But, enough about me.  You know naked in the backseat of the car with my girlfriend steaming up the windows and there’s a tap on the glass and to my SURPRISE a policeman!!!  Let’s move on.

When’s The Best Time To Lose Your Virginity

On the beach!!!  Was her name Sandy?

Did it involve some sort of acrobatic position due to the allowed space or was it just because she was a gymnast and the opportunity presented itself (along with her of course)?

I had friends that were in their early teens!!  Get this twins (guys) that live down the street got their start (even though it seemed like this wasn’t their first time riding) both with the same girl!!  At the same time!!!  Hell, they weren’t 13 yet (I don’t think??).  Makes me wonder about life’s different paths!

I think I may have strayed from the when, to the where’s and with whom!!!!  Just going with the flow!

Of course just getting it on in an airplane is a curiosity of mine……how could that possibly be a place to lose one’s virginity!!  I’m sort of winging it here.

At work after closing hours on the bosses desk???  Before closing hours???

I mostly just lusted after my female co-workers…….neat memories, neat fantasies.

Speaking of ‘fantasies’……no, not here that’s for another time.

When’s The Best Time To Lose Your Virginity

40 years old??  Remember that movie??  I’m really not sure that I could’ve lasted that long.

High school seems like the most appropriate time.  Of course this causes a lot of problems for stiff suited families.  Just a note here………I’m not sure modern society has it right with sex on any level, particularly when it comes to young lovers.

College.  Well if you’re losing it in college what the hell were you doing in high school??

I’m not gonna ask if the first date is appropriate.  I don’t think anyone reading this is any position (pun intended) to set any sort of standards.  But, on the first date is a valid opportunity!  Both willing ready and able!

Think back to that first time……gosh awkward!!  Probably I still am too!!

My favorite would (if I had a second chance at losing my virginity, I wonder…..can you fake that?) would be at a family wedding (but no,……not with a family member. I was born on the bayou, not in the ….wherever that takes place).  In a bedroom with a nice big bed upstairs overlooking a pond and the ceremony.  After all I don’t think I would be missed!

So When’s The Best Time To Lose Your Virginity

Remember, under the covers with your hand doesn’t count!

Peace, love, and beaches,


Hormones……they only last so long.

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