Three Essentials of A Productive Day

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Three Essentials of A Productive Day


We all, well most of us want to have…….. WAIT!!  Maybe this isn’t a true statement.  Maybe what we do everyday we’re so disinterested in that we dread the day the night before!!

What’s a person supposed to do?

Assuming that everyone is doing what they want to do with their days and with their life is ……..well, it’s wrong!  Some, a few, maybe most are doing what they do because they have to do it!!  And I think just encouraging you to give your best under those circumstances is just poppy cock!  Useless blabbering in speech and wasted digital space in cyberspace.

BUT!!!!!   I still think that with a little tweaking (not twerking) we can have a productive day…….follow me for a bit here.

You’re not doing what you want to do as a profession or much anything else.  So, what needs to be done is get your life pointed in a different direction!  Yeah, I know……obligations!  I get you!  I’ve been there…..and I haphazardly made my way out and to something much more interesting and fitting.

Make life more meaningful…..

I don’t know what you want to do and I won’t pretend to know or indicate that change to that will be easy.  But it can be done.  I’ve notes of my thoughts and ideas that were going thru my mind in my previous work life.  Some say I had it easy, but I’m not different than the others that fit my personal description…I was doing something I didn’t want to do, getting paid too much to do it.  In one way it accommodated my lifestyle……but I wasn’t happy.

There I was looking thru my notes of everyday, feeling the struggles in my words.  I was living in words and thoughts outside my presiding reality!!  I was encouraging myself, writing about what I could dream of and wasting my time doing what I had to do for survival.  SAD.

But, there’s was an element that grabbed my attention.  The consistency of in small ways moving toward a different reality!

Three Essentials of A Productive Day

  1. Show up! Everyday show up in responsibility to 2 things. Your job and hold yourself
    accountable for putting forth your best effort. It’s hard, my heart just wasn’t in it……..I didn’t want to do the job and I didn’t want to not do anything. Sitting under a palm tree with a fruity little drink wasn’t the tip of my iceberg desires. I had things I wanted to actively pursue! So, that’s the other thing I showed up for! Every fucking day I’d write of the life I envisioned that would make me feel fulfilled and productive…..productive not for someone else, but for me. And my productivity or I should say my ‘idea’ of productivity wasn’t as tangible as selling a car, building a project, or greeting people as they entered the gates of whatever hell I would relocate to. I without fail wrote, imagined and encouraged my life change. That is being productive. It may not put immediate money in the bank (as that isn’t a art of the goal in mind) and it may not show a physical accomplishment at the end of the day……but I’d inched myself forward.
  2. Can Do Effort. Not a state of mind, some cliche’ statement, or mental attitude. EFFORT! Put it forth on behalf of your present reality despite your daily dose of angst you have regarding your employment and put it forth on your desired reality. The important thing here is the repetitive quality of EFFORT! Once you’ve harnessed the power of effort thru repetition there’s not much that you can’t accomplish!
  3. FOCUS!! Pay attention to show up and pay attention on effort!! Don’t lose sight of your present responsibilities and surely don’t take your eyes off your desired reality! Not just daily would I write, but at various times thru the day! Here’s what happens. Once you engage your mind to pay attention to that desire… will begin it’s work and you’ll see things gradually happen in your observations. Take for instance, you want a Jeep…….in a short time you will be observing Jeeps where you go and soon, they will be in constant sight. It’s simple…’ve told your mind what to look for and now it’s FOCUSED!!!


There’s better things to be had…..

The things that we need to do in the present and the things we desire to do are in our domain of power. We Will it!

Show up! Make ‘the’ EFFORT! FOCUS!

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”  Anonymous

Peace, love and beaches,


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