Why Am I Not supposed To Use The Word ‘Just’

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Why Am I Not supposed To Use The Word ‘Just’

Just!  It really doesn’t matter what style of writing, venue, medium, lyrics, whatever…..I’ve always been criticized for using the word ‘just’.

Frankly, I just don’t get it!

I write what I consider a perfectly good song…..great melody, catchy lyrics, people are hooked on it when I play it, it’s catchy’……..so I submit it for critique and what comes back, great melody, catchy lyrics, excellent hook, but you used the word ‘just’!  I used the word ‘just’!!  That’s what’s wrong with the song.  My immediate thought is……now wait ‘just’ a minute!!  But hey!  I can’t use that word!!  WTF!

I’m not using the word in as a ‘filler’ word……more as a ‘connector’……a bit of glue to hold the thought from one to another, from one moment to another……..  It’s glue!

Can’t we all ‘just’ get along with the word ‘just’?

I think that a critics association with the word is just from their learning thru previous critiques on their personal work where the critic binged them on using the word (which they may have been using as a ‘filler’ word) and they automatically assumed it’s wrong to use the word ‘just’.

Frustrating!  Because now you have a generation of well meaning ‘critics’ conditioned to believe that in all instances the word ‘just’ is inappropriate.

The word can and has been used as a ‘filler’ word in creative situations……and it really does zap the momentum out of the creation process and I understand that……   The writer hits a point and their creativity hasn’t run dry but they are tired and wearied from spinning their story.  It’s merely (see, I was gonna use the word ‘just’, but I caught myself) time for a short break….perhaps to write thru that situation to keep the thought that’s being weaved and then come back and edit it with a fresh mind.

On occasions it is easy to find a better choice of words.  Sometimes it would take a restructure of the presentation of the thought…..(which may not be a bad idea!!) but in a song that can actually ruin the inspiration, direction, and creativity.

I get more concerned about not re-saying what I have said……redundancy, I hate redundancy.  I find I do it when I’m being pseudo-intellectual.  I’m not even intellectual must lest ‘pseudo-intellectual’!  I’m simply me!

Don’t limit creativity to what a critic says.

Good writing can’t be beat!  No matter where you find it!  It holds up!  The words and imagery they design captivates.  I believe that all writers strive for that level of creativity…….most over-reach.  Their in lies the problem.  We become too wordy and that’s when we become redundant and actually take the wind out of our story.  There’s something there!  Don’t give up and don’t give in to being a lazy writer.  Explore!!  Re-write!  It’s your baby!!!  It’s not unusual to get frustrated with ourselves, critics or editors.  In most instances their interfering is to cod us into becoming better writers.

Should I be concerned with my words……well yeah!  But try and say what you want to say in the least amount of words, in the most meaningful and precise way and really……..don’t give up!

As for the critic……

It’s ‘just’ their job!

So, if you’re stifled……stuck, and you ‘just’ don’t know what to do?  ‘JUST’ do it, do it your way!

Overcoming obstacles, any obstacle is part of being successful.

Have at it critics!  Even my software is criticizing this writing!!

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.”   Malcolm X

“We are not trying to entertain the critics. I’ll take my chances with the public.”   Walt Disney

Peace, love, and beaches,


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