The Future Is Not Gonna Wait!

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The Future Is Not Gonna Wait!

It really doesn’t matter what issue you have before you…….the decision gets hard perhaps, the acceptance is     not appealing, you’re full of angst, but the future is gonna happen with or without you.  Get on board with the time train, be part of the solutions, not holding on to the past but embracing the future with passion, confidence, enthusiasm, and a positive certainty.

What am I talking about?  Anything!  You’re apprehensive about your entrepreneurial ideas viability, you don’t want to fail, you don’t want to waste time, money, and effort.  I understand.  I have reams of failures I carry around with me everyday.  BUT!!!!  The future is coming with or without your great idea!  I think the future would be outstanding with your participation, with your idea and your passion.

Why not?

I don’t have a clue what it is that you’ve dreamed up……..but the future is suited perfectly for whatever it is.  Even thru failure other ideas, projects and progress is made.  Don’t deny yourself and others the opportunities you carry!!

The only thing wrong with any failure, is giving up afterwards.  Many success stories are built on failures (that’s plural as in more than one folks).

It really doesn’t matter whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is President!

What if you’re a bit out of time?  Not running out of time personally (although there are those of us out there faced with that one), but your idea is a frontrunner of sort.  Meaning that all the unseen essential components don’t exist yet…..whether they be mechanical or social.  Do it!  Those components will be developed when the need has arisen.  Before that time no one can foresee their existence or need.  You, your idea will benefit but first must be the birther.

Don’t get sidetracked, but don’t let any ideas and interesting spin-offs get away.  Be wise and document.  You’ll not regret those moments.

I could write of all the great forward thinking men and women that have experienced failure after failure……but I’ve done that in previous writings or two.

But here……James Dyson!  The Dyson Dual Cyclone Bagless Vacuum.  5,127 prototypes later he became successful!!!  But, he needed to have those 5,127 prototypes. Even the ones that he didn’t deem necessary.

Don’t stop……..

I’ve often told people that, “Don’t be surprised if in the process of doing what you want to do, good things happen.”  Some totally unexpected!  What are they?  Go find out!

Right here is an example of doing what I want to do and something good happens.  This wasn’t written with the exact intention in mind.  This was written while reading of the anxiousness of society about it’s impending future on some many issues.

You see, I have this motto that I’m adhering to and I’m holding fast! Don’t get involved with emotional aspects and arguments of change… part of the change, my part.

When I hear the throngs whining and crying, I’m motivated to jump in the mix.  But, I don’t believe I’d fare well there……these are emotional people that are lead by that emotion. Our future is far too important to wallow around in some cesspool of emotions that won’t get the job done.

If I give fuel to that emotional thread, I can only grow it.  I can’t be part of that.  But I can be part of something that realizes there are things that I can’t change and yet I can be a factor of change.  I’ve a mission, and so do you!

The Future Is Not Gonna Wait!

My ideas are not your ideas.  This is what I’m saying……we’re creative individuals and when that spark of creativity comes about within me, it’s not an idea for you or the throngs to do……it developed in me, as part of me, for me.

For years I would encourage people to write! Write a blog, write a book…..write!!  And it continually fell on deaf ears.  I finally realized I’d birthed the idea not for anyone except myself.  That will have to wait for another posting.

Each second that clicks by is gone forever.  Yeah, you’ve heard that……what’s more important than hearing that is that you’re experiencing that.  Too often we think that there will always be ‘time’.  And there will, but just not for us.  Take advantage of your rapidly approaching future by not wasting your NOW!

Don’t be swayed by whatever calamity is being preached in the news today!  You still are in control of your world.  And it’s important that you stay true to yourself and not get tangled up in things that don’t have much of a impact on the direction of your life.  They really don’t have much of an impact.  If you ‘believe’ that they do, then they do.  If you ‘believe’ that they don’t, then they don’t.  You see, you’re in control.

There’s gonna be obstacles no matter what.  It’s your creativity that gets you through, it’s your will!

The future’s not waiting…..get after it, I am.

Peace, love and beaches,


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