I Think I’m Gonna Take The Day Off!

I Think I’m Gonna Take The Day Off!

The day off??  I’ve not thought of my new lifestyle in the sense of really doing anything…….and here I am, thinking of taking the day off!

There’s no difficulty in writing……I do this all the time in various forms.  But, I’m thinking of really not writing anything today.  I just never thought of writing as something to take the day off from!!

So, the decision is made to take the day off.  But why?  Why do I even need a day off!

Then, it dawned on me!  I can take the day off if I want to because it’s mine to take off.  I don’t really have to be on all the time, I can be off.  Therefore I’ve decided………it’s an ‘executive decision’ that I’ll take the day off.

Here’s what’s in the workings of my day off.

I’ll be taking out on a delightful little walk with my ear buds comfortably planted in my ears and grooving to whatever sound I choose.  Perhaps I’ll give Kenny Chesney the day off from entertaining me and find some other favorite to sit in for him.  After all Kenny deserves a day off too!!

My walk will take me over to the Omni Resort and down the beach front.  Hopefully I’ll catch eye of some unique sand sculptures or a modest sandcastle bathing in the Caribbean sun.  One thing that’s I can almost guarantee won’t be seen is ‘sea shells’……  Just don’t see them.  While they were so plentiful on the shores in Florida…they are pretty much non-exisitant here on the Mayan Riviera.

Look!!!    No shells!!!

It’s gonna be a picture trek.  I’ve some ideas I want to work for some photo shots that’ll be fun and hopefully show a bit of a different view of my Caribbean home.  If not, they will be some unique photos just the same.

A bit of practice in the art of being useless.  The only thing that could possibly change my plan would be rain.  While I don’t mind being out in the rain here in the tropics….it is ‘winter’ here and being wet out in the rain with the breeze I would probably feel a little chilly.

Here’s what’s in the workings of my day off.

I think a bit later on I’ll tune in to a football game.  I’m not sure who’s playing but it seems like a good idea.  Very little effort and since I don’t know (or care) what teams are playing I probably won’t be putting any effort out cheering or shouting at the TV.  But who knows!  RIGHT!

There you have it!  The decision is made!

I’ll not be writing today.  I’ll be on holiday as my British friends would say.  There……I’ve said all I’m not gonna say!

And it all starts right about NOW!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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