You Never Know ’til You Try

You Never Know ’til You Try

Try WHAT???   It doesn’t matter!  It’s your life!!  What do you want to try??

Me, I’m doing my ‘what’ and looking for more ‘whats’ to do!

That’s the thing with underachievement… always asks questions rather than solutions.

I actually feel like I could stop right here……but I’m looking for something challenging while I’m doing what I want to do.  I’m digging deep.  What’s inside that wants to come out.

Certain things might pale to my traveling but are still considerations as they are sort of like extensions of traveling……so basically they will take a little time but discipline.  Maybe discipline is my challenge.  I’m writing this, and the ideas of some things I’d like to do are flowing thru my mind and it seems with a bit of attention to them and discipline, I’ll be adding those to my list of accomplishments.

You Never Know ’til You Try

What stands in the way of most people doing or at least trying to do whatever it is that pops its little head up periodically?  In my mind……everything is doable.  And as I’m writing this……I’m looking at me and 2 specific things in my life that I’ve just always put on the shelf.  I’m thinking why not?  It’s not like I don’t have the time!  I’ve got time available!!  It’s not like I don’t have the ability, I do!!  Honestly I’m looking squarely in to the eyes of two reasons!  One is confidence, the other is negligible.  So low on the ladder of doing that it’s easy negotiated.

Okay…..I’ve just talked myself into doing those 2 things.

Now, right after this, I’ll put together a plan for achieving and ………..I won’t waste any of my precious time because, well because I’m not getting anymore time than I have and I can’t get any from you, I can’t stash any in the fridge……..I only have what’s mine. My now and my future nows.

I really didn’t expect this writing to go this way.  But it has, so I will.

I do realize that there really isn’t any ‘trying’.  There’s only doing.  Once I’ve put my plan together there’s no sense on reworking the plan, the only thing that’ll get it done is the doing.  Will I have all the steps perfectly planned out?  Hardly.  There will be some unforeseen challenges, some real and some imagined.  Regardless they will have to be overcome.  But, I can’t consider them until I’m down the path of doing.

You Never Know ’til You Try

How about you?

Are you ready to do?  That’s the limit of my involvement and interest in your ‘what’.  Because I’m gonna be too busy doing my doing.

I’ll be here for your encouragement though and I’ll write of my accomplishments and failings along the way.

I’ll be posting about both of my doings here in short order.  First things first……putting the plan together.

There’s nothing to stop me but myself…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


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