My Life By Design…………..

My Life By Design…………..

My life by design.  Don’t think that I’m being pompous.  I’m just relating what’s happening with me.  And, I’m really enjoying my happening!

There’s is something I want to reach out to you about in most everything that I write……..

And that’s this; If you’re at a place in your life where you’re not in a place you want to be (not just physically but emotionally, professionally, financially, and all those other lly’s) that you can make that difference in your life.  Starting today!  Just don’t let your expectation of the results be momentarily unrealistic.

Here’s what I’m saying and I think I’ve said it before.  You can change anything you want to change in your life, you just can’t do it all at once!  WHY?  You want the change to have substance, a firm foundation, an eventual permanence.

My Life By Design…………..

It starts with a small change.

Right where you are.  You take for first meaningful step to re-designing your life. First is decide something and then, put a plan together… you don’t have this planned down to the minute detail. You see you really don’t know what the ripples of change are about to do in your life.  This is an adventure.  Just know your first few steps and as you move forward you’ll see more and you’ll be able to make better progress decisions.

That sounds sort of undisciplined.  Yeah…..but a lot of these life coaches are teaching you from hindsight.  Everyone is different.  Your outcomes may or may not be the same.  You are an unique individual.  I won’t say ‘don’t expect your journey to be smooth sailing’ because adventure is what it is…….experiencing the unknown.

Don’t let the unknown be a reason you don’t venture out and grow as an individual.  Don’t let the unknown be a reason you don’t make changes.  Get this……there’s a massive number of people in this world that are not doing their own thing, and you’re part of that.  Just wandering aimlessly….actually being led by conditioning that this is the thing to do.  A sense of pseudo independence within the structure of society. But, the excitement is outside that structure!

It’s not a complicated thing…..and your changes for a new lifestyle design are simple.

My Life By Design…………..

Here’s on simple thing that I started today that……I know is going to have a boundless effect on my life.  I started Yoga.  As I wrote this morning, I didn’t know that the floor was so far down there!!!   It’s a new experience for me full of adventures and disciplines!

And like most things…..I’m doing it my way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sought out a bit of guidance, finding a little foundation to build on. But, no classes.  You can, should you want to…..I don’t see any harm there.  I like the tranquility of my personal time and that’s where a lot happens for me.

Make Your Life by Design………

Don’t say that you’re destined to just do your 9 to 5 job or whatever scope of structure it is.  You’re not destined to be abused by some boss barking orders that for them, you never do correct. Take time just to make a start of a new life, the one you want.  And my greatest advice would be don’t tell anyone!!!  Keep it to yourself!!  It’s your secret!!  Let your outward changes speak for themselves!!  Your outward changes will speak proudly of your unseen effort and dreams.

It starts with a simple plan and a simple step.

It starts today.

Peace, love, and beaches,


“Plan out your life on paper but live your life by your heart.” Warren DeMike

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