Do We Really Need To Balance Our Optimism?

Do We Really Need To Balance Our Optimism?

Balance my optimism!!  For real!!!!

So, some want me to be pessimistic occasionally to balance out my optimism……..  I don’t get it!  Get this, I live in a tropical paradise!  This paradise is full of negatives, negative-ions!

Negative Ion (Anion): an atom (or molecule) that has gained one or more extra negatively charged electrons. Negative ions are naturally generated by evaporating water, ocean surf, waterfalls and ionic minerals such as Tourmaline.  They are mood enhancers.  Natural occurring!!!  I’m surrounded, immersed, enveloped…..and held prisoner of negative ions!  I’m being forced in to a positive mood!

Pray tell why would someone want to be a pessimist?  I would have to fight optimism to become a pessimist.

Oh!!!  You’re one of those that has to experience something negative to know and appreciate something positive!!  You’re a sick puppy!  You have to burn yourself with fire to know what it’s like to not be burned.  Yeah, you’re a sick puppy alright!

Do We Really Need To Balance Our Optimism?

I’m not gonna be one of your followers.  I don’t get it…..  While at times I may not be in the most exhilarating mood….I’ve not known myself to be negative since moving here!!  Why would I possibly want to experience the negatives of being a pessimist even for an hour?

I feel I can achieve and do anything!!

Granted I’ve mentally and physically removed intentionally most of the opportunities for negativity and pessimism.  Kudos to me!

To me…..this is balance.  Me and nature are on the same page.  I’ve done my part and nature is doing its part and we are in harmony.  And get this!!!!  I believe it can and will get better!

Lucky me huh??

You too!!!!

Urban life doesn’t promote a positive atmosphere……even with geography that has rivers or other bodies of water running thru them or are surrounded with them.  A problem of urban life is being encased by buildings and having those buildings full of electronics.  That’s a bad situation.  And theirs 2 means to change that right where you are……one is to move to the suburbs and open up your house to nature.  Heck bring aspects of nature in to your house…..make a waterfall outside.  You can do this.  The other thing is to purchase a Ionic products.

I’m for the nature part of it.

Do We Really Need To Balance Our Optimism?

So if you believe that you NEED to be pessimistic to know what optimism is…..have at it!  You’ll never convince me.  And frankly I don’t think you should be so lazy as to accept pessimism!!   Hell!!!  Stand up for yourself and use the muscle of optimism!!

Take advantage of what nature presents to you……  Is it cold?  Find a way!!

By the way negative ions also cleanse the air!!

I will issue a word of caution though…… Should you decide to by a negative ion producing mechanism, do some serious research.  There are some rather unscrupulous folks out there looking to take advantage of you……and once you fall prey to them you have just fed your pessimism.

More on negative ions in the future.   They are naturally produce and they are FREE!!!!

So you see……I’m not gonna be sold a bad bill of goods known as pessimism, I’m showered in optimism!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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