Experience May Just Happen, Give It A Try!

Experience May Just Happen, Give It A Try!


I toyed around with a few titles for this edition but settled on this one…..not really knowing how to say best what I was searching the how to say what I want to say.

There!  That said it!

I didn’t intentionally take the past few days off….it’s just the trip, well the trip had a few twists and turns that were to say the least ‘unexpected’!

Listen in!

Just a few days ago I was heading to Bacalar Lagoon…..the water is said to be 7 shades of blue!!  This is where I’m told that portions of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of The Caribbean was filmed.

So looking forward to this trip.  My first excursion away from my new home in Puerto Aventuras since the first of the year.  I’ve a small cabin rented right on the water!!

I’m ready!!

Not so FAST!!

There’s sort of an instigated uprising among the peasants of this fragile country.  I’ve heard of different reasons and that’s not what I’m writing on today.  But I will say that these are some lovely people.  Read on.

Experience May Just Happen, Give It A Try!

I’m nearing my destination and there seems to be a bit of slow traffic…..that turns in to a all out STOP!!

I sit!

There’s no way to get to where I’m going except to go straight!  There’s no other road around this lake!!  It’s straight ahead…..and actually I’m roughly 4 miles from my lagoon side cabin!  I’ve beer!!!  I’ve rum and of course tequila!  4 short miles!  That’s it!

About 2 and a half hours of sitting, I decide to go and find out what’s happening.  I had a suspicion so, I took the walk.  2 miles walk.  And I found the answer.  It was a protest!  The farming community was protesting by blocking the road!  They started at 7am and were there for the day, until around midnight!

They blocked the road with large branches, stones, boulders and of course themselves.

He’s making the best of a bad thing!

So what did I do?  I walked amongst them!  I ‘the gringo’ walked thru the demonstrators several times. The length of the section was about the size of a football field.  People sitting on stones, crowds gathered in sections.  And there I was winding my way thru the people, I even bent over to pick up an item a lady dropped and was thanked.

I made my way back and forth a number of times…..videoed a bit indiscreetly.  I observed the peacefulness and I also came upon the antagonist.  Fortunately, I was ignored.  He had a bigger task at hand……needless to say I mossied on a bit away.

About this time a policeman walked thru the crowds MUCH to their DISAPPROVAL!! Shouts and chants prevailed.  After he made his way over to the ambulance the crowd surrounded the area……I’m not ‘THAT’ interested.  But immediately to my right a policeman decided to be brave (I think that’s the word?) and lift a large stone and put it aside the road.  OH MY!!!!  I backed up as the people SHOUTED AND CAVED towards him!

That quietened down quickly as the police officer lamented to their commands.

I’m still weaving my way thru this mass of humanity…..some sitting campfire style having food brought in to them.  A large area with 20 liter water bottles having a meeting of sorts.

I eventually get to the other side where Mr. Antagonist is holding court with his followers and I spot a mini-supermarket (seriously!! that’s what they call ’em).  I found my way thru an ill-defined store and lobby of bodies to the restroom…..relief!!!  I found the beer cooler (of course!!  what would you expect!) and of all the beer there was only 3 cold Pacificos in the cooler!  Yeah, they were mine.

Experience May Just Happen, Give It A Try!

Back out to the congregation.  I now have to make my way back thru this……they are not as happy, it’s hot!!  Now some amigos are bringing a section of a platform and beams for support.  I walk further and there’s more being paraded thru.  I also notice off the both sides of the road at this intersection are mobs of people!!!  It seems they come and go in the protest……hundreds of them!!  Dingy, dirty, weathered and worn.  They are there!  The unranked and unfiled!

I did get a couple looks from some bad hombre! I chose not to make eye contact and keep moving after all, I had my beer…..that was other than me being so white compared to everyone else bad enough of an invitation for danger.

I’m back to my car….  I’m in touch with the host of my airbnb and they are aware of the dire position I am in (4 hours now!) and are concerned for my safety.  They apologize (none was needed) and directed me to Mahahaul about an hour and a half away on the Caribbean coast.  Yep!  I went.  They took care of all the arrangements.  All I did was enjoy!

This was something that I could’ve made worse than it was.  Instead……I had this really good feeling all along!  I’m not just saying this after the experience!!!  I felt like this would be something special, I felt good about this trip through it all.

Experience May Just Happen, Give It A Try!

There’s more.  Just not of this experience.  None I could say were better than the other, they were all different and I embraced them in what they were.

When you see the pictures and the next posting…….you’ll love it!  Really unique!  But, much less of an encumbrance I guess you could say.

But, you know!!  I’ve never experienced anything as up close and personal as this in my life.

On to Mahahaul!!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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