It’s Not Bacalar, It’s Mahahaul!

It’s Not Bacalar, It’s Mahahaul!

It’s not Bacalar the Pirates of The Caribbean…….  The saga continues.  Mahahaul!

As you may recall from yesterday, Bacalar wasn’t gonna happen because of protesters blocking the streets.  It turned out the protesters occupied the intersection until midnight.  While I was walking back to my vehicle thru the protesters they were bringing in piece by piece the makings of a platform…..right before I drove off a pickup truck was heading towards the intersection with band instruments, amplifiers, drums, etc.  It was a long night for those that waited.

BUT!!!   It’s Mahahaul for the remainder of the afternoon and night.  And that’s a good thing!

I’d heard so much good stuff about this place, mostly from Muriel..  And I might say, I can see why this place is so highly spoken of…  The only drawback is that the walk along the beach is like a mini Playa del Carmen 5th avenue with the hawkers via for my and everyone else pesos (or American/Canadian dollars and Euros).  I know how to say no.  My know to one vendor was so disconcerting that he threw his jewelry across his marketing table.  Hmmmmmmm……

It is nothing short of ‘Spectacular’!!  The beach is so cared for that before sunrise workers are out raking the beach and hauling off the seafood that has come ashore!  By the wheel barrels!  Giving it a pristine effect.

Myself and a couple fellow sun-worshipers were enjoying the pre-sunrise and photo the beauty that await!

It’s Not Bacalar, It’s Mahahaul!

I felt as though I was walking thru the pages of Conde’ Nast!!  I’ve seen the pictures and now I’m walking, breathing, and experiencing this paradise!!!   Hammocks in the water!!!  Beachside beds! Occupied!!!!  I was careful not to awaken the lovers of paradise.

The room that the nice folks from Bacalar booked was second floor across from the beach…….no need for air conditioning, just open the windows and let the Caribbean breeze relax my body.  While it may seem like a waste of time to just let that happen and lie there…….oh no!!!!  That is life.  There’s plenty time to see things.

There was this bar…..I don’t recall the name where we got Pina Colada drinks made from scratch!!!!  Right in front!  The creamiest drink I’ve ever had!  I’m hooked!!!   It wasn’t from here….but nearby. Of course everything is nearby!  This isn’t a very large place!  But you do have to be coming here as it’s a bit (a large bit) out of the way of all the main tourist destinations.

I’m not sure I would call this a sleepy little fishing village although there are fisherman, this is a village, and people do sleep here.  It’s the solitude combined with it’s beauty that stirs life within me but in a very unique way.  I want to live here….right here on the beach!!  Beautiful star filled sky at night!!  I’m lonesome for this place as I write……and I’ve been gone for several days.  Planning my return……browsing thru my travel schedule looking for a whole!!  I’ll do as Hannibal; find a way or make a way!

  I’ll be posting some pictures later on today of this gorgeous place… many!!  About 1200 pictures in all!!  I’m not sure the server hosting my site could hold them!

It’s Not Bacalar, It’s Mahahaul!

It was a taste, just a taste.  So good that I must return for a bit longer of a stay.

Should chance knock on your door to visit Mahahaul…….answer!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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