Finally I’ve Arrive In Bacalar!!!!!

Finally I’ve Arrive In Bacalar!

I finally have arrived in Bacalar!

I’m a day late….but I’m not a dollar short!!

My home for the next couple days is a small cabin at waters edge…..who can complain about that!  There’s no snow, no ice, none of that wintery stuff.  A nice breeze coming off the lagoon, a quaint cabin, beautiful crystal clear water, and a relaxing atmosphere.  Oh yeah!

  There’s a difference here from being on the shore of the Caribbean…..there’s a stillness.  It has the same early morning calm……but much less people.  As a matter of fact, I don’t encounter early risers here.  I sort of reminds me of mornings on False River in New Roads, Louisiana. Without the fishermen.  But in the short span of the pre-dawn there is likely a couple gliding along in their kayak.  I’ve pictures somewhere!  

Unlike it’s Caribbean counterpart…….Bacalar doesn’t possess the availability and pull of tourist attractions.  Possibly portions of Johnny Depp’s “Pirates of The Caribbean” were filmed here but there is not artifacts to that, and I found the use of a derivative of Pirates only on one establishment.  And at that I had to look for it!  There’s not much in the way of souvenirs and souvenir shops.  I really don’t recall seeing any!!

Finally I’ve Arrive In Bacalar!!!!!

The only semblance of a tourist resort is driving the lakeside road where hawkers for tours of the lagoon flag down cars…..not many pedestrian tourist about.

I did see a lot of backpackers around….this place does invite the Bohemian world trotter no doubt.  It’s part of the charm of the place.  It’s not infiltrated with high rise and mega condo stuff so it still holds it’s natural charm.

I didn’t get to see as much of Bacalar as I would have liked….we jaunted down to Chetumal for much of the first full day which only left me with one day for exploration. North of Chetumal and north of Caldaritas is the Mayan Ruins of Oxtankan. 

Oxtankan is believed to have been a coastal trade center that flourished between 200 and 600 BC.  Although much of the ruins is physically accessible to tourist much has deteriorated over time.  I did a Rocky run up the steps of one temple…..unfortunately, there’s no picks.  Key in Rocky Theme with me with my arms above my head jumping up and down…….magnificent!!!  Maybe pics at the next one!

Finally I’ve Arrive In Bacalar!!!!!

I’ll share more on Oxtankan in a separate posting later.  It seems that the curators are a small family.  Very nice husband and wife with a young 3 year old daughter.  We exchanged pleasantries and I gifted a couple cold beers!

Back to Balacar.  Finding my was along the lagoon is easy.  But there really isn’t much to see.  The lagoon is blocked by businesses and homes.

But here’s a few pics to whet your appetite. 

It’s Saturday night in the town square and it’s FESTIVE!!!!   Two players putting on a comedy skit for their hire.  It’s a rather large and friendly crowd.  Their weekly entertainment.

Finally I’ve Arrive In Bacalar!!!!!

The food is authentic Mexican!  You want find Taco Bell or any fast food joints here and the food servings are LARGE!!  It’s one of those places where you want to eat everything they have to serve (yeah….I did dessert), and it’s usually accompanied by an ice cold Mexican beer of my choice, tequila and pina colada!

I must say even though the time there was short…. every minute was enjoyed.

Not to be forgotten was doing my morning ‘yoga’ on the the deck out on the water.

I will have to revisit and spend a bit more time in Bacalar!!!  Argh matie!!!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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