Off The Beaten Path, Just A Bit.

Off The Beaten Path, Just A Bit.

You ever see something that isn’t what you’re looking for, it’s not out of the way only a little of your time, and you just have to take a look! Off the beaten path.

That happened to me.  I had to throw my vehicle in reverse on the shoulder of the road!!

This just begged me to visit!

What beg me you might ask.  Well, its a cemetery!  Yep, you read that right this cemetery was begging me to stop and visit.  Some of the pictures below will show you why.

Let me say that this visit and the blog is not in any way disrespectful.  It’s the uniqueness of the care and the broad spectrum of care that these wonderful people display for the love of their departed.

But, I’ve always been amazed with graveyards.  It may sound morbid to you but I grew up near a large graveyard that was located on Main Street near the colored church (not a reference to the actual color of the church but a description of it’s members, they were colored people….black, I actually attended this church for many years of my youth by choice) in Plaquemine, Louisiana.  Beakie and I would always tell our parents we were going to the graveyard to play.  There was also a few pecan trees that were bountiful and we’d bag up those nuts and sell them to Mr. Sam at Sam’s Grocery (a little corner store next to my house) on Plaquemine Street.

Off The Beaten Path, Just A Bit.

So, I’m not a stranger to graveyards and as of yet, no ghost have jumped out of their graves and chased me. But then, I only visit during the daytime except for once.  That’s another story for another time!

This graveyard on the side of highway 307 caught my eye quickly for many ‘obvious’ reasons.  As you’ll see.

Rather colorful…..eye catching.  There’s more.

There’s a unique way that these people care for their departed and it’s not limited to the color of the site as you’ll soon see.  I felt their impression as artist attempting to keep not just the memory of a departed love one alive but to share each others other-world lives with one another.  Strange perhaps but just the same you’ll see a little further down exactly what I mean.

The presence of their departed love one’s is constant in these people’s lives.  They are devoted!  They don’t and won’t let go!

Off The Beaten Path, Just A Bit.

It’s honestly something I can’t comprehend.  My philosophy is life goes on don’t look back to the past.  I’m not saying it’s easy to do that……after all, I have lost people that I love.

I show the two to the left to show the striking differences that are on display in the graveyard. It’s not pictured here merely because I was attempting to frame those two grave sites but people do care and I could see the artifacts of their visits next to the grave to the left and behind the one in the middle.

The grieving was there on display.  It just didn’t serve them well for my to show.  I lot of heartache was left behind from their last visit.

In some way, all the graves were marked.  The one above left has a stick in the ground with a cup on top.  I believe on my next visit I’ll still see some sort of marker be it the same or a new one.

These people don’t forget!

If you look closely at the middle picture you’ll notice that there is 2 lite candles flickering away.  This is not some battery operated  pseudo candles that you find in the U.S.  These are actual candles!!  Lite and flickering!

The above photo isn’t the only grave with the candles…..this one just shows up the best.

There’s another grave that isn’t pictured here that is having a ‘do over’ as it’s being tiled.  It’s unfinished and the tiles are sitting next to it.  Trusting people.  If it were mine, no doubt the tiles would be stolen!

Off The Beaten Path, Just A Bit.

They…..being the departed loved one may want to see what’s going on outside their world……and well, the the living may want to have a glimpse in to see if everything is alright. There is solitude here despite this graveyard being roadside.  It’s convenient for the locals to visit as this is a small village and walking here is of no problem.  During my visit two lovely women were coming for a visit to a loved one.  And though they cheerfully greeted me, they sat solemnly next to the departed one that they loved so dearly.  No picture……that would be wrong.

You can almost feel from the pictures the setting of this peaceful place.  Memories are being kept alive.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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