What I Learned From Not Owning Boats and Planes

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What I Learned From Not Owning Boats and Planes

What could I possibly learn from not owning boats and planes?  It seems like…..well logically that this is something to focus on……owning boats and planes that is.  Who doesn’t want to have these toys in their toy arsenal.


And why wouldn’t I want to have these toys?  After all, any of these would make me look wealthy, would attract women, carry prestige, and enable me to enjoy so of life’s not so simple treasures.

So I compiled a list of what I learned from not owning these toys.

First of all, I don’t have to brag about owning a boat.  I recently met this guy that was bragging that he quit his job and bought 4 boats.  Why?  He told me because he thought he was gonna die.  So,I guess that’s as good a reason as any.

I don’t have to hire someone to drive my boat, I don’t have to pay for the fuel for the boat, I don’t have to pay for the insurance.  I don’t have to worry about it being stolen!

Why would I want to own a boat much less 4 of ’em???  Just something else to gobble up my money! This is boring…..I’ll move on to planes.  Planes aren’t boring.  But, let’s see.

What I Learned From Not Owning Boats and Planes

Planes.  Here’s what I learned by not owning planes.

I don’t have to concern myself with where the hell I’m gonna park!  There’s absolutely no room at my condo. And I don’t believe I’d want to leave it unattended.  Someone might egg it, or I’ll come back and it’s sitting on cinder blocks!

Graffiti!!  I’ve found out that this is a concern that I need not be concerned about.  If I don’t have a plane then no one can write graffiti on it!

Driving around I forget to get gas!  How would that work out flying a plane.  Oh, look!  There’s a Circle K down there, I’ll stop and get some fuel……  I’m not sure that’s how that works.  And I have this thing about seeing how far I can go on a tank.  I don’t believe that would work out in my favor.

Once again, the same bloke……he bought 3 planes.  Now, pray tell what the fuck does a guy do with 3 planes and he’s go 4 boats!!!  Yeah, he thought he was gonna die.  I don’t get it, I know I’m gonna die but I’m not going buy 1 plane!

I can’t fly!!!  Maybe I could take off.  But then there’s that landing part.

What I Learned From Not Owning Boats and Planes

I’ve found that I say a lot of money by not owning a boat or a plane.  I can rent a boat for a day, and I can buy a ticket for a flight.  Simple life isn’t it.

But, then I don’t have to contend with an ego that says I need to own all this crap.  I’ll settle for owning my shoes, some cutoffs, a beach shirt…..and a cooler for beer.

I don’t need to brag that I’ve money to waste on buying such things……personally, I like myself just the way I am, I don’t need to impress you.

There’s a lot to learn about one’s self from not owning boats and planes.

Peace, love, and beaches,


p.s. Thanks for bearing thru this one…can you believe this is 578 words!


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