I Don’t Think This Is Much Different Than You

I Don’t Think This Is Much Different Than You

Okay. I quit my job, moved to Mexico. I live a short walk to the beach featuring the waves and breezes of the Caribbean.  But, I seem to have the same dilemma as before this trade off in life. And I don’t think this is much different than you.  My time!

I no longer have to sit at a desk laboring 8 to 10 hours a day.  Now I can take long walks that reveal sights and sounds that I’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy before.  I’ve gotten that walking time up to around 4 and 1/2 hours a day.  That’s a lot of walking.  It’s also obviously a lot of time.  And while I feel good with all the fresh air, and sunshine……..that’s a lot of ‘time’.  I’ve interests!

The things I’m interested in are still the things that I lusted after while being shackled to a burdensome job. The big difference as I see it is that I just like to relax.  I like my siestas.  I still haven’t quartered off the time to just lounge around on the beach with a book!!!  I’m too busy doing…..going…..relaxing.

Is that a bad thing??

I Don’t Think This Is Much Different Than You

Most of you aren’t face with that dilemma.  And yet, I’m sure you’d be up to the challenges I face and readily have the solutions at hand.

I say, no…..you don’t. You may think you do, but you don’t. It’s too easy to dream rather than do. Besides when the rubber hits the road, I don’t think this is much different than you.

It’s like there’s this invisible, intangible trade-off.  I can’t quite put my finger on it……but over the past week I’ve begun to wrestle with it.  One thing is that I feel I should be challenged in some sort of way.  This has been easier than I thought.  And as I’m writing that I realize that my preparation beforehand is what has made this easy.

So now what??

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m having a wonderful time.  There’s much more traveling to do.  It’s just that I don’t have a firm handle on some things that I really want to explore personally and do.  I’ve tasted them in what I’d say is a superficial way.  And it’s not like those things don’t hold my interest, because they do. If not I wouldn’t be wrestling.

I Don’t Think This Is Much Different Than You

It’s only 7 things (other than the traveling) that I want in my daily life.  And that may be the problem, daily life.  Each these 7 things I enjoy.  But even in the enjoyment of doing, I’m looking forward to the next other thing….


Should I be trying to do these 7 things ‘everyday’?  That’s a consideration.  Here’s a glimpse at the 7 things;

  1. Music writing/CD recording.  I’ve new software that I’m learning, that’s ‘fun’ but time consuming. And because it is such a powerful software, just toying with it takes me away!  I’m never short on creative ideas for writing…  Okay, I have a normal hump but I believe it to be mostly because my attention is pulled away by one of the other 6 things or a travel adventure. I also have to throw in for consideration copywriting, promotion, redesign of website and right now finding a new hosting service.
  2. Yoga.  I just started yoga. I immediately found it enjoyable and somewhat challenging.  And though it doesn’t take a large portion of my day (usually in the early hour) it’s something I want to give more attention to.
  3. Blog writing.  Seldom do I not have an idea to write on. I’ve sitting in the wings 70 unfinished blog writings. I can easily just pick up on most any of them.  But, I search for something fresh and more stimulating. That’s not to say the others aren’t stimulating….I just love the moment of creativity from scratch. I find it exciting.
  4. Book writing.  I’ve a few ebook ideas that if I’d just dedicate a short bit of daily time I’d have them written.  Hmph!
  5. Meditation.  Relaxing and helps me slow down my mind.  I’m out of sync with that right now and there lies the challenge.
  6. Exercise.  I want to lose this baby fat that I seem to have acquired. It’s fat. And I’m a big baby about it!
  7. Reading. I made sure to bring me some hard cover books that I fit my fancy and I have a trove of ebooks.

I Don’t Think This Is Much Different Than You

You right now may not have the same 7 things……you may not have 7 and then you may have more.  But you have them. And your daily routines don’t allow you to fully enjoy those things.

I’m figuring that even in quitting a job, that there still needs to be structure and discipline.  I’m just considering that……  I can’t imagine not having interests!

So what I’ve just done this morning was to grab an index card and write these 7 things down.  That’s my start, my first step to enjoying all 7…..daily or as often as I choose.  In some cases there’s a reason to do some of those things everyday.  At least my reason.  And who’s to say I shouldn’t do all 7 everyday.  They’re my ideas.  They’re my desires.

Along with all of this is that I like to journal things…..but not so much as in past tense.  I like to write about the experience in the ‘now’ and pave the way for the future.  Write it down and make it happen.

My life is very full.  Not boring.  If, I’m bored, I just need to step outside my door.

Oh, and I’m interested in photography too……

I don’t think this is much different than you……

Peace, love, and beaches,


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