Meditation-Finding My Way Back

Meditation-Finding My Way Back

Meditation.  Something so good for me that is something I’ve ignored for too long.

Throughout my life I’ve engaged in meditation.  I’d start and find my way to a inner place of peace that’s beyond my feeble attempts to explain. But nonetheless real and a quite lovely place.

So, now I want that.  I want that back.  As I’ve ignored it over that past year or so.  But, now’s that time where I can really allow myself to enjoy that inner place of peace and feel my life flowing. No excuses. Just doing.

This I hope won’t be a bore to you.  If you think that it would be, change the way you think for the remainder of this writing and find out how easy you can make this a part of your life.  I’m not saying it’s not a challenge. You see I’ve fallen prey to the obstacles of life, real and imaginary. The meditative experience is worth the effort.

Meditation-Finding My Way Back

Perhaps we have something in common.  Let’s see and deal with that right now.

5 minutes.  Just 5 minutes.  There’s no sense in demanding more of your time to start with.  It’s just a matter of starting, reaching into yourself and finding that quite place.  Once there, you’ll forget about time… if you’re employed set a timer after you’ve gotten your meditation mojo going.

Sitting posture.

I have two obstacles to a lotus position.  My weight….I’m overweight.  Stiffness.  I don’t have the flexibility of a teen or 20 something.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t get into the lotus position because that is a goal. I’m doing yoga to deal with both my weight and stiffness.  I’ll get this.  So, may I suggest you consider a short yoga routine in your daily life.  Don’t worry about learning it all or spending money on a class that you may not attend regularly and eventually none.  Go to your local bookstore, perhaps a used bookstore and inquire of their yoga books….find one that gets your attention and that’s that starting point.

Back to my sitting posture.

Being I’m dealing with the 2 above mentioned encumbrances I’ve developed my own.  You’re welcome to steal it.  It’s almost effortless and comfortable.

Shoes off, socks off.  Just using a straight back chair.  Sit up erect with both feet squarely on the floor.  That’s it!  You’ve got your starting point.  Your hands…..what about that cool pose with the thumb and the finger.  Yeah, go ahead!!  While you’re fiddling with your thumb and finger.  Be conscouis of your feet flat on the floor, no pressure just relaxed by flat and firm.  You want the energy that the earth charges you with to be engaged.

Meditation-Finding My Way Back

Candles……yeah.  I like candles.  I can feel the flicker thru my eye lids.  Yeah I close my eyes too.  But wait, you’re concerned someone will see you and mock you.  Find you a private place and time.  That simple. And cultivate the attitude of ‘screw them’!  This is about ME!!

Sound.  Quiet is good. If you want something relaxing….have at it.  Find a sound on your cell phone that expresses relaxation. The sound of a rain patter in the forest, or gentle waves lapping a shoreline.  I don’t think Jimi Hendrix or Metallica would be conducive to meditation.  Just an idea that, that wouldn’t work out.

Alright!  You got 5 minutes, good conducive posture, candles and quiet or a soothing background sound.

What next?

A mantra.  You could pay a Yogi to give you a mantra.  If you’re like me or you’re just cheap, or the budget won’t allow…….have at it on your own.  Recite the word rummmmm over and over, it has a tendency to help wash away interfering thoughts.  A low and peaceful rummmmm should do the trick.  If you have another idea, or there’s a short word or two chant that is of your desire, go there.  It’ll work.

You don’t need some class for meditation.  Just the time and discipline.  The rest is waiting to happen for you.

Darn!  There’s this ornery little problem.

Meditation-Finding My Way Back

The problem.  You’re not alone with this…..don’t let it frustrate you.  The problem is all the thoughts that are racing thru your mind. Competing with your search for a quiet, still, solitary experience.  You’ve got this… patient with yourself.  Allow that intervening thought to just flow thru, don’t let it linger and give you opportunity to dwell on it…..let it flow and hear your mantra and allow that to carry you to your solace.

You’ve done it!  I’ve done it!!

Relish the experience.  Once you find that calm place, you’ll want to stay. Before long 5 minutes will seem like nothing…’ll grow and so will you.

There seems to a certain something of ‘nothing’ that equips you for anything.  Well worth the journey.

I’m finding my way back and I’m inviting you to experience your own journey thru meditation.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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