I Think That I May Be Out of Touch

I Think That I May Be Out of Touch

Out of touch?

Everywhere I turn I’m reading how bad things are in the world today.  It’s like it’s the darkest hour of humanity.

People don’t get their way so they cry, bellow their longing for a ‘safe zone’, wreck and destroy cars, businesses, and in some cases lives.

People are calling others wretched names that are totally uncalled for………freedom of speech???  There’s slander and libel laws.  I personally think when people do this sort of stuff that they are just pathetic wastes.

But, then, I think that I may be out of touch.  I’m the one that’s different. I should be nasty and negative with total disregard for others and focus only on what I want!!

I listened to a government official do a news briefing followed but news people telling me what he/she just said and what he/she really meant.  In the news briefing a news person asked a question that was directly answered, but evidently not what the reporter wanted so the reporter returned a question of the for of “so what you’re saying” and proceed to say what they wanted to hear. The government individual said, “no that’s not what I said, I said what I said.”  Then the reported tried the same tactic.  WOW!!

I Think That I May Be Out of Touch

I don’t want to be like the people that I hear bitching about everything that isn’t going their way.  I’m supposed to believe that these are mainstream, they are the majority.  If that’s so, I’m dumbfounded by the lack of maturity in mainstream America!!  The majority of American’s are crybabies.

Wait right there!!!

I have just as much right as they do (even if I’m now in the sensible minority) to label anyone and say anything that I please!

I took a day off from everything that I do yesterday except for my day starting stuff……meditation, yoga and coffee to go visit a resort and just appreciate the beauty and tranquility that surrounds.  And now there’s Charlie Sheen blasting the balls off some guy because of his tie!  Really!!!  Oh, and that’s the news!!!  Go back to your pseudo acting.

Oooooops, perhaps that was out of line!

The news people are no longer in the business of reporting the news, they are now in the business of creating the news.  Their creativity has taken a sour and erroneous turn.  I’ve begun dropping the news networks……I follow one, make that 2 on social media, I’ve dropped all the others. They have proved themselves to be hell bent on bending the news to fit their agenda…. Why do they have agendas? And am I spouting some ‘cliche’?

I Think That I May Be Out of Touch

I’ve even stopped following certain blogs because all I hear them doing is parroting what some newscaster spewed that they fancy.

But then maybe I should be jumping on this bandwagon of crybabies and negativity.  At this very moment someone is thinking……it’s not negativity John, it’s truth.  I should open up to the truth, come in to the fold.

Words have power.  Sowing discard isn’t a responsible use of the words we’re privileged to use.

I think that I may be out of touch, and……..I’ll stay there.

Peace, love, and beaches,



  1. Look at what our country has become. A place of hatred, rioting, destroying property, political bitterness, roars of racism, hate for police and lets not forget the “political correctness!” It’s sad. I long for the day our country was united, or at least it was in a much better place than today. As a parent and grandparent, I cry for the future of my family. What kind of world will they have to endure? The only thing that can get me by in such a world is to pray……Pray??? That’s one more thing that is slowly being destroyed……disregarded per say! God…..It’sTaboo to some! But I believe in God and prayer and still have hope for this great country. Peace and Love!

    1. Thanks Reba……sad to say our country has become a place of hate. And the Democrat seem to be leading the way. I’m heartbroken. I eliminated another news source today, and stopped following certain people that do hate speak.
      They don’t have to agree, just behave. I didn’t agree with everything Bush or Obama did and I behaved.
      People can speak against, they just don’t have to hate doing it.
      Thanks Again!
      Peace & Love,

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