It Was A Quickie to Playa Maroma

It Was A Quickie to Playa Maroma


I saw it on a map one day.  That simple.  Playa (Punta) Maroma is perhaps half way between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morales…’s not difficult to get to if you know where you’re going!  They’ve actually built a road thru the mangrove thicket to get you there.  One of the nicest roads around to.  Speaking of roads, the road between Playa del Carmen and Playa Maroma is the nicest I’ve driven here….sans the lines for lanes.

Like most of the places I’ve been I didn’t know what to expect.  But, I had an anticipation of something unique and I wasn’t disappointed.

This isn’t one of the largest beaches I’ve visited but it’s not the smallest either.

This wasn’t just any beach.  It cost $200 pesos to access the beach with specific instructions on how to get there when….well when I get there, “turn left”.  About $9.85 in U.S. Dollars.  Pesos to dollars is a very fluid thing……it could be $9.77 today!

Is it worth the cost?  Not only was I curious during the winding drive, I also had second thoughts and was really being tough on myself for paying that much to go to a ‘beach’!  The most I’ve paid before was less than $2.00 U.S.

I’m about to find out.

It Was A Quickie to Playa Maroma

I arrive and my first thought is one of confusion. My next thought is of disappointment.


Straight ahead upon my arrival is a ‘huge’ private resort…..and another to the right.  Nice, very nice.  And yes as the attendant informed me, turn left.

There’s a sign that greets everyone: No pets, no beverages, no food, no coolers, and no smoking!  WTF!!  Sort of takes all the fun out of going to a beach!

Now.  How do I get there?  No, the beach isn’t in sight but I know it’s not too far, it’s just all these wandering paths. More confusion for my little disorganized mind.

I FOUND IT!!!  The Beach!!  I FOUND IT!

Now that I found it…..hehehehehe, it’s time to explore.  While I said that it wasn’t the largest beach, walking it proved that it was large enough.

And I learned something.  It wasn’t obvious at first, but you’ll see.

It Was A Quickie to Playa Maroma

This isn’t a regular beach……not everyone can afford and want to pay the almost $10 U.S. dollars for a visit.  Here’s a glimpse of what sets this beach apart from all the others and why there’s strict rules at the beach (see above listing about the 10th paragraph):

The resort you see above……minimum stay is 3 day and it’s priced just shy of $6000 U.S.  I needn’t inquire any further…..if it were closer to a bit shy of $3000, I’d have looked into it.

Now with that price, you have a butler at your service 24 hours a day!!!  And anything you could possibly want on demand.

This is exclusive just by price.  Everything about this place is by design to keep ‘regular’ folk out.  Even just enjoying a snack and drinks for 2 can get you a $25 to $30 tab!!!   It doesn’t sound too bad perhaps but that’s for plain cheese nachos and a few beers!!!!  The cheese came straight out the can and wasn’t even warm!!  But I did enjoy myself.  Very relaxing sitting under an above average low ceiling palapa looking out on to a beautiful peace beach.

The sand reminded me of Siesta Key.


It Was A Quickie to Playa Maroma

A place for weddings too……..   This isn’t south Louisiana where everyone that’s still breathing is invited.  This is for very intimate ceremony.  I like this.  Two were set up for on the beach and one was set up on the second floor of the mainland resort looking over the Caribbean.  Not bad, just not for every bodies budget either.

Believe it or not…..I shall return. I’ll look into the other accommodations of the resort, or perhaps for $10 go spend a day and another hundred on drinks.

Who knows!!  You only live once…….now how MUCH can I put on the credit card???   Hehehehehe

Peace, love, and beaches,


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