What I Learned From The Disappointment of A Football Game

What I Learned From The Disappointment of A Football Game

You know the feeling don’t you!  The disappointment of your favorite team coming in second place in a football game.

I can recall just the gut wrenching feeling…….  I just really didn’t like that feeling.  My team (in this case LSU football) didn’t make the finish I was expecting.  There seemed to be a bit of ineptness in their performance.  My thought was ‘why’?  And the ‘why’ question I didn’t and couldn’t answer.  This was a turning point in my life.  It didn’t just happen, this has been years ago.

I seemed to be less concerned with my personal shortcomings than with my favorite sports teams…..generally speaking.

I recall going to bed pissed for the upteenth time, and waking in a feeling of disappointment hangover (not to be confused with alcohol hangover).  Man, I didn’t like that feeling!!  What am I supposed to do?  How am I supposed to feel?  My team lost!!

A new perspective was birthing in me. Not a ‘new age’ touchy feely thingy.  A realistic moment.  It evolved.

I wouldn’t follow my favorite football team anymore.  That’s it!  A divorce.  If I couldn’t handle the loss, I needn’t watch.  That takes me out of the equation altogether!  Viola!

But then, I’d be depriving myself of all the good games.  You see the good games, the victories brought about the ‘euphoric’ feeling for the next 24 hours. That didn’t carry on as long as the heartbreaking loss. With the loss others are bitching and complaining so the loss takes on an extended life.

What I Learned From The Disappointment of A Football Game

I needed a new perspective.

Just not watching wasn’t the answer.  Why was I so ’emotionally’ tied up in this team and this game?  I had a good connection and that was bad.  Bad for me. I needed a new answer.

I know of friends that hang on to the losses and victories to like some sort of badge of honor.  That didn’t make any sense to me.  So, I got to thinking.  Seriously thinking.

This thought just irrationally popped in my head during this time.  What could I have done to change the results of the game? The answer, ‘nothing’.  Hollering at the TV wouldn’t have changed a darn thing.  Except maybe my blood pressure and condition of my throat.  Perhaps sitting in a different seat……nah.  Nothing!  I couldn’t do squat to change the outcome during the game (before or after for that matter.

This was a revelation that would evolve and change me.  Not just for football games, but for my life.

I can only change and control me.

Too simple.

I had to just let go of things that weren’t in my realm of control!

I wasn’t playing the game and I wasn’t coaching the game!  Merely an observer.  My limit of my vestment was a team that I’d be favoring.

The value of entertainment can get lost in being emotionally attached and not having any input in the outcomes.

I could change this!

What I Learned From The Disappointment of A Football Game

I wasn’t playing the game, I was only observing the game.  These men playing this game were not just gifted talent, they were men dedicated to their craft…..their profession.  They trained in earnestness to achieve.  Me, I was watching with chips and an ice cold beer.  Didn’t take much preparation for that!

Becoming unattached emotionally was the best turnaround of my life.

That decision then started to creep into other areas of my life.  And I began to feel a sense of confidence in myself that had been absent.  An understanding of happenings around me and what shouldn’t affect me.

Looking at competition from a different perspective is liberating.  Even the concept of teamwork I viewed differently.

What I Learned From The Disappointment of A Football Game

My life landscape was changing.  No matter what, the only thing I had control of was me.

Should North Korea fire a missile at the U.S., getting caught up in the rhetoric of what our officials should do, should have done, placing blame aren’t going to be a component of my life.  I don’t have any input, I’m not a player in that game.  That doesn’t mean I’m not concerned.  It just means I can’t do anything about that!  But, I can do something about what I am passionate about.  That’s where I have control…..control over what I can do.

So what can I do?  I can avoid being a voice of dissent and negativity.  I can be a strong voice for peace and provide positive vocal support of the decision makers during a trying time.  Much the same you would do with a friend that is having a tough go.  Words of positive solutions.

I’m not one for rehashing a problem.  I prefer to pursue solutions.  My name calling won’t promote one good thing.  I’m on the side of peace, I’m on the side of actively solving whatever disturbance has arrived.  Rehashing and finding blame and name calling aren’t in my make-up.  Nor is an illogical response.  All answers to the problem are on the table.  That’s where the focus is, that’s where the focus should be.

Speaking ill never solves the problem.

What I Learned From The Disappointment of A Football Game

I found an appreciation for solutions.  I’m not gonna bad mouth the opponent because they beat LSU.  And I’m not gonna ‘hate’ Nick Saban for leaving LSU and ending up coaching archenemy Crimson Tide.

I’m not gonna beat on anyone while they are down…….Atlanta Falcons beat out everyone except the last game.  That means something.  Well except to the narrow minded.  They fielded a very talented football team an excellent coach and they will continue to contend as a very talented football team.  They are in the same division as my Tampa Bay Buccaneers!  I’ve got to contend with them twice a football season.

And you know what, I really don’t have that much time to stop my life to watch someone else work.  That’s their work, their office.  I don’t suspect they will be showing up to watch YOU!  Or me for that matter.

Life is more!

I hope that my voice of reason gets thru in this……if not, I’ll work harder.  I promise.

Peace, love, and beaches,



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