I Think 2018 I Will Lead A Nomadic Life

I Think 2018 I Will Lead A Nomadic Life

Nomadic Life?

I tell you what.  Sell all that you have and move to another country. If you live in another country this applies to you too.

This gives me a lot of room to roam.  While I’m referring to the start of this blog, I’m also referring to my life.

It sounds totally absurd to think of selling all that you have and moving to another country.  Oh, and quit your job too.  I know!  I tried to avoid that to travel and experience a different life.  But, to travel and live such an experience…..I had to and I did.

Now!!  I realize that moving to another country doesn’t mean I have to stay and live there.  I recognized a tendency to settle down.  I’m not sold on that and I’m not really sure I want to be.

Since I’ve opened up another lifestyle…….I’ve come this distance adventure wise, I can see and envision further.  And that’s where I’m at today!  I woke up to that.

I have a concern that I need to face.  Here, I’ve a lease on a condo in an area of he Mayan Riviera that I just love…..  I could just stay here and totally content.  Never venture further than the beach or grocery shopping.  There’s no hustle or bustle to my life and I don’t miss that either.  It’s become ‘home’.

I Think 2018 I Will Lead A Nomadic Life

YET!!!  I’ve left this place for a short 4 day trip recently which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Tomorrow I slip across to Cozumel for a few days and experience Carnival there……I’ve rented a condo overlooking the Caribbean right downtown and plan on soaking in the best of life.  Then I come back and will throw in a quick visit somewhere, perhaps the Baja before heading to Costa Rica.

And I’m feeling the burden of having a place to call home.  How can I possibly say ‘burden of having a place to call home’?  There’s thoughts and precautions before leaving ‘home’ to make sure it’s secure.  Frankly, I don’t like that consideration.  It is ‘burdensome’.  I don’t like ‘burdens’!  The less burdens I carry in life, the more freedom I feel to do whatever the moments call for.  That’s a very intriguing feeling.  I like that feeling!

So far the start of 2018 is set up to be Nomadic before coming back here to Puerto Aventuras.  I’ve done my preliminary planning and I’ll be making my way thru the Caribbean island hopping.  It’s my second look into such an adventure.

My home will be carried in my hands.

Some may say you could never do that…….I think I said that same thing about 4 years ago.  And here I am…..putting the itinerary together.  What shall I do without the conveniences of ‘home’?  What about my silverware and china?  AND What about my televisions?  What about my CD collection?  What about………

Those are but trivial things that are quite meaningless in the scope of adventure.

I Think 2018 I Will Lead A Nomadic Life

When I was growing up my adventure was found in National Geographic.  I’ve always been mesmerized by the places that were so different and so far away.  I’ve plans to hit South America this year!  The Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu!!  And the surrounding area.  And I have to leave to new comforts of a place I call home.

I’m somewhat curious of the ‘nomadic lifestyle’.

I’m thinking this may be a bit like riding a bike.  After you figure out how to ride it, you want to continue riding it.  And next up will be wheelies!  Jumps!  No hands!

It is difficult to look pass the normalcy of life in the U.S.  Too much unknown to take a risk on.

So to live a ‘nomadic life’ really doesn’t seem to far fetched.  My biggest problem will be not having a musical instrument on hand.  I’m sure that there’s options I haven’t realized yet.  And I think I may be finding out.

While I may not live a totally nomadic life in 2018, I’ll get a taste of it for at least the first 4 to 5 months.  I’ll know for sure then.

I Think 2018 I Will Lead A Nomadic Life

Peace, love, and beaches,


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