Is That A Problem?????

Is That A Problem?????

I can’t help but laugh after writing that!  Is that a Problem?????

Sort of.  Yeah.  But I’m not sure I’m gonna put out much of an effort to solve and correct.

So what’s the problem?  I don’t know what day of the week it is and sometimes I don’t know the date!!  And get this…..I’m not sure I care!!!!

This has been going on for quite some time now…….I notice it and actually become a bit frustrated but that’s only temporarily.  When I suddenly realize that there’s no need to be frustrated, I then become humored and relax.

It seems that the former structure of life has a bit of a lingering effect.  The thing about recognizing that is it makes me question that structure.  But don’t try to tell those that are captive of the structure……it’s their box and though they talk about ‘thinking outside the box’ they are imprisoned by the box.

But I’m not referring to the box….(that’ll be for another time), I just don’t know what day of the week it is and nor do I appoint any different values to any particular day of the week.  Is that a problem?

I can’t figure out why or how it could be a problem.  Should I need to be somewhere I set an alarm on the calendar to accommodate the event.

Your Fridays are my everyday!

I really feel like a ‘nonconformist’!!

Is That A Problem?????

I’m exploring this days of the week shit.  How important are the days of the week?  For structure I surely understand.  Appointments for purpose, yeah I understand. I have a flight out to Costa Rica sometime in March, that’s sort of important since the flight and arrangements are all paid for. There’s an alarm set in my computers…..that’ll remind me.  Some things are standard traveling things…..they are packed.  It’s a 2 or 3 piece of clothing trip (planning all like that), that keeps things simple.

So is it important that I know what day of the week it is?  So far……’no’.

I’m thinking of ‘days of the week’ like a lingering hangover from a bit too much of something that I thought I enjoyed.

I’ll work my way through this.

I’m actually at this moment having a moment of acceptance.  That this is the way my life will be.  This is the way that life should be.  Carefree.  Dayfree (I just made that word up!)!  I’m weekless (I just made that one up too!)! I only recall once not knowing what day of the month it is.

Birthdays are already programed in to the computer calendars with alarms.  So that’s cool.  But, when I think about it… one really pays any attention to when my birthday is, why should I be attended to theirs.  I’m nice that way…….I guess.

I’m sure that I could create some sort of problem for myself with this day of the week crap.  But, I’m not in the need of such entertainment in my life.

Is That A Problem?????

Life is so drastically different than before September 2016.  I live cheaper, I eat better, I’m relaxed, a bit carefree…….that’s something to build on.

I know you think it’s stupid that I encourage you to do the same…..never mind, I won’t encourage you.  After all I’ve got a problem not knowing what day of the week it is!  You, on the other hand know what day of the week it is. How could someone wander around oblivious to what day of the week it is?  That really seems stupid! Incomprehensible!  Get a life type of thing, right?

I think I’m enjoying this ‘problem’.  How many of you can say that you’re enjoying ‘any’ problem? I think I’m one up on you.

Oh, and that reminds me.  Since I don’t know what day of the week it is……I can tend to enjoy things that you have programed for certain hours of the day and certain days of the week.  I’m thinking I want more problems like this!!

Coffee.  Breakfast.  More coffee.  Yoga.  Walk.  Rum Runner.  Siesta.  Lunch.  Walk.  Beer.  Siesta.  Beach…..  Sunset.  Beer.  Diner.  Margarita.  Beach.  Walk on the beach.  Beer.  Bedtime.  Wake up and repeat.  Boring.  HA!!!

I’m thinking of Earnest Hemingway.

The problems of paradise.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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