Things Will Never Be The Same

Things Will Never Be The Same

Things will never be the same….

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

All through history…….things have changed.  And at the time of change, the level of chaos can be overwhelming……the end is near!!

As much as I’d like to understand the tumult…..I realize that some I will, some a bit, and some not at all.  But!  I realize that the evolution will continue.

The internet seems to be a very empowering tool.  But is it really?  Or does it just provide a false sense of empowerment and importance that when it is tried to be conveyed in the physical realm is disastrous.  People or hurt, businesses are ruined, division is magnified (intentionally and unintentionally), lives are negatively effected (jail perhaps), some lives may even be lost.

The internet’s empowering is why i say that ‘things will never be the same’.  There’s a lot of good in that statement.  There’s a lot of bad too.

Our challenge now is how do we handle that challenge.

Do we allow some sort of regulation to take place?  What this is, is having the government come in and control content. In some form.  And to start it may just be something small……no ‘f-bombs’ perhaps.  Then it grows to the next and the next to the point that ‘screw’ in any context will be forbidden.  It’s incremental control.  And folks……..we’ve been under incremental control to this point.

At this time I see more negativity being dished on social media than things positive.  So, someone says I’m trying to squelch their right to effectively influence change.  I say ‘no’, I’m not.  Voices of reason need to prevail.  There doesn’t need to be any threats with the negativity, no demeaning, no bullying, no lack of reasoning.

Hang in there with me for a moment, it’s much easier to say this than to write it for me.

Things Will Never Be The Same

I accept that ‘things will never be the same’.  I’ve done that before in my life time and hopefully after this phase I’ll have the opportunity once again.  Hopefully.

Let’s say I oppose a particular view of you and many others.  And we engage in a casual manner of discourse on the subject.  But, I see that you’re not getting my point of view since you haven’t changed yours (sounds familiar?).  And I become more aggressive in my communication.  You defend your position.  I push, and push and make some disparaging remark on what you stand for and you as a person.  Then you passionately defend your position, not wavering…..but you’re cordial still.  Now I’m full steamed ‘mad’ because I haven’t converted your manner of thought much less your position!

Has anyone ever observed or worse become part of that mess?

I tend to keep my distance, although I’ve been subtly drawn in.  I’ve even tried to be the voice of ‘reason’ like we can all have our own opinion and get along!  Oh that FUCK!!!

Things Will Never Be The Same


Let’s say I oppose a particular view of you and many others.  Well, what’s the merits of my position?  I should be  more concerned with presenting them than assailing my opposition.  How can what I stand for be the best for whatever that concern is? (some will be annoyed just with me ending a sentence with ‘is’!  hehehehe)  Can I present my position in a positive manner rather than threatening, cursing, demeaning or in the physical realm become violent?  Because, if you’re opposing me, that’s what I want to be forced to overcome or come to the realization that I could very well be………..’ahem……’Wrong’.

I want to come to this ‘things will never be the same’ with an approach of substance as to why this way can be better.  There is plenty of bad in chaos because it’s different than an ingrained way of thinking an ingrained way of acceptance.  Just let it go.  Let’s communicate in a way that uses the chaos to make this place a better place.


Okay….let’s say I don’t like the way we drive in the U.S.  We drive on the ‘right side’ of the road. But I want us to drive on the left.  You see I have an British sweetheart and I’m just so charmed that I want the rest of the country to change to make her comfortable while in the U.S.  And if you don’t see it my way…….well you’re a misogamist, you’re a protectionist, you’re a pro-lifer, you’re hateful, and you’re divisive.  You are oppressive to minorities!  Should I win this argument?

Things Will Never Be The Same

Do you think the loudest voices are representative of the dominant points of view?  Or, are they the ones that are just getting the audience.

In a nursery.  20 babies.  19 are playing with their toys or one another and the other one is crying.  Where does the attention go.  To the one that’s crying.  Well John that’s because there’s something wrong with the baby you uncaring coot!!  Maybe (not me being the uncaring nasty), maybe there is a something wrong.  But maybe not.  So, shouldn’t we at least take a look?  Yeah, let’s look.  Checking…the baby is dry, not marks, the child was just fed……let’s pick the cutie up.  Ah, yes that’s it….the baby wants to be held.  So everyone (adults) stands around saying oh how precious the child is and that they just want some attention that’s all.    19 are unattended.


Whoa!!!  Can we just all get along???  Because one is crying doesn’t mean that the other 19’s needs, wants, ambitions, desires, etc. are to go unattended……well, maybe so since they seem to be well adjusted.  Let’s not get involved with them with the problem of attention that the 1 demands. Leave ’em be.

This is a ridiculous writing isn’t it…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


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